Overnight Courier Uhlenbrock GmbH

Overnight Courier Uhlenbrock GmbH

Overnight Courier Uhlenbrock GmbH
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The Company

We have been an overnight courier operating in the Rhine-Main area since 1986 and briefly introduce you to our services.

Today we serve more than 1000 commercial customers in the Frankfurt area and in the Rhine-Main area

Overnight Courier Uhlenbrock sends documents and goods shipments all over the world.

If you need a logistical solution for your document, spare part or other shipment of goods,
you still have a shipment in the late evening, which must be available the next morning somewhere in Germany or Europe,
then a short call to us is enough

And we take care of it.

Our location – your advantage

The location of our company in Frankfurt ensures the best infrastructural connections and provides you with noticeable advantages through short distances and fast processing times.

We can pick up your national and international shipments regularly until 20:00 o’clock, later, depending on the destination also 21:00 o’clock,
with corresponding additional costs also until 22:00 o’clock in the evening, and deliver on the next working day in the morning Europe-wide with and without appointment.

Urgent spare parts, goods or documents can be organized until late. They are available the next day to start work.

Your shipments overseas will also be transported by us in the fastest possible way.

Fuel surcharge
For September 2022 we charge 30.00% fuel surcharge

The surcharge will be shown separately on your invoice for each shipment.
Due to the lack of adjustment of the prices for diesel fuel in relation to the falling crude oil prices,
we feel compelled to set a basic surcharge for fuel from February 2009.
The staggering takes place in 0.5% steps.

Calculation basis:
The calculation is based on the
monthly average price in US dollars determined by the US Department of Energy for a barrel of Brent crude oil.
We reserve the right to change the method of calculating the surcharge rate
without prior notice.

The right packaging !

The courier drivers who drive for Overnight Kurier Uhlenbrock GmbH transport

all shipments handed over with the greatest possible care.

However, we would like to point out that the quality of the packaging

has a significant influence on the safety of the transported goods.

This is to be ensured by the client.

The observance of indications, such as “do not throw”, “above”, “beware of glass”, etc.

represent a central element of damage prevention and is an aspect,

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