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About Us Open Sea Freight

Open Sea Freight is a licensed and accredited Customs Clearing Agent with an efficient and highly trained Customs Compliance Staff that expedites the required import procedures, logistics, and declarations on behalf of our clients.
We give our customers peace of mind while we take care of the rest.
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Air freight

Air freight is more expensive than road or sea freight. However, it’s the best option when fast, secure delivery is essential. For example, air freight may suit you if you need to deliver items that are fragile, perishable or otherwise time-sensitive, or if you have an urgent deadline to meet.

Road freight

Road freight is the most common mode of transport for goods worldwide. That’s because it’s efficient, effective and less expensive than air freight, especially for heavy items or bulk shipments.

sea freight

Our sea freight services are ideal for heavy items or bulk shipments, whether you need a consignment delivered to a port destination in Africa or on another continent.
Sea freight is slower but less expensive than air freight, and may mean that deliveries of goods are subject to lower taxation and less stringent entry requirements.
For deliveries to destinations such as coastal cities within Africa, sea freight can also be more reliable than road freight.

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