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We are an international company with more than 35 years of experience in Logistic Solutions. More than 2000 people work daily to attend the specific needs of our customers, who choose us among a worldwide net of subsidiaries.

We offer logistic solutions to companies, with e-commerce, general logistics and life science’s needs.

The key to our strength, experience and continued growth is and has always been the development of mutual beneficial relationships with our customers under the concept of “TAILOR MADE”, providing services to the specific needs of each of them, turning its relationships into strategic alliances.

We provide mail distribution services for the corporate sector, available through various routes, as well as using different strategies, within a range of possible delivery times, having both a national and international scope.

Our fulfillment or finishing solutions include supplies, printing of variable data and the provision of packaging material.

Based on our computing platform, we provide mail visibility and traceability from our website.

We design solutions to meet the needs of the market.


We offer the highest quality service for the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry, including import, export, distribution, fulfillment and temperature-controlled warehousing for the following products:

Diagnostic Specimens
Medications / Vaccines
Investigational Drugs
Controlled Substances/Narcotics
Dangerous Goods
Medical Supplies
All of our activities are conducted in strict compliance with transportation regulations, both local and international, and are constantly reviewed by our Global Quality Management.

We offer an integral service of shipping, distribution and storage of documents, samples and packages from a destination to another, in a total secured manner, with the most advanced technology.

Due to the online market sales growth, in some countries we offer a service especially dedicated to the trading of electronic commerce and e-commerce logistics

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