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About Nortrail - Norwegian Trailer Express AS

Nortrail – Norwegian Trailer Express AS Nortrail – Norsk Trailer Express AS is the largest Norwegian, privately owned, international trailer transporter in Norway. We are specialists in trailer transport, especially aimed at piece goods and partial loads from all over Europe and the Nordics. In addition, we represent a well-developed and worldwide agent network for overseas and air freight.
Nortrail – Norsk Trailer Express AS is today a future-oriented company that operates transports on land, at sea and in the air. This happens via our own transport companies and terminals, or as agents for other companies and shipping companies, and we represent the most complex and competent transport networks in Europe.
Nortrail – Norsk Trailer Express AS is a well-founded company with a professional approach to the market. We are known for being able to offer our customers innovative solutions and personal service. We have awide range of transport and logistics services focused on 9-star quality and with local knowledge in every industrial corner of Europe. We thus ensure a fast and reliable service, regardless of where the goods may be located.
At a time when the majority of freight transport from Europe was transported by rail, Nortrail – Norsk Trailer Express AS was founded on 1 July 1967 by Rolf L. Kamsvåg. As one of the very first pioneers, Nortrail established itself on the Norwegian market with transport routes based on trailers, between Norway and Germany. Through innovative thinking and fast transit times, Nortrail quickly established itself as one of the market leaders in freight transport between the two markets. Already in 1969, Nortrail was represented with its own partners and scheduled services in Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, in addition to an emerging overseas service in the USA.
Nortrail expanded its volumes rapidly in the coming years. From 1975, the company was represented throughout Europe with larger traffic and an ever-growing number of transport assignments to and from Norway. Over the years, Nortrail has continuously invested in modern transport equipment and customized communication solutions. This is to offer customers and partners innovative transport solutions at the forefront of development. When the customs authorities were to develop an electronic system for customs processing, it was natural that Nortrail took part in the development of the system, which was called TVINN. This is an electronic system for the exchange of customs declarations with the business community. In May 1987, Nortrail was the very first Norwegian carrier to send an electronic declaration through EDI to the customs authorities.Already at the beginning of the 90s, one saw the tendency towards larger and fewer transport constellations in Europe, where the Nordic region was seen as one market. As a consequence of this, Nortrail helped to found in 1993 what is today the Nordic region’s largest privately owned transport network; Nordic Chain.
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