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Founded in 2002 by foreign investors, Norden Freight China is known to provide the most dependable and efficient customized freight management and supply chain solutions to our customers.

Our people has more than ten years successful experience in local markets, which could ensure we are well-versed in the many technical aspects of all local governmental regulations, complicated local practice, professional licensing requirements and precise transportation documentation. In addition, we have extensive experience handling specialized shipments that involve live, high value, or hazardous cargo, such as computer components, aircraft parts, cosmetics, perfume and perishables.

Norden Freight China, an affiliated company under Banks Commodities Investment Group, is an international logistics enterprise legally established in China with overseas capital investment background, and the company has been registered with the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China with national first-class international freight forwarding qualifications. It is a type of air transport sales agent authorized by China Air Transport Association. The company mainly undertakes international and domestic air transportation, container shipping, bulk cargo LCL, bulk cargo transportation, chartering, multimodal transport, warehousing, distribution, customs declaration, inspection agency, import and export and transportation insurance services, etc., and is a comprehensive international logistics enterprise with outstanding characteristics and comprehensive services in China.

Air freight services

As an agent of a number of airlines, relying on the advantages of network and scale operation, with the purpose of safety, accuracy, speed and low cost, Norda Fly Logistics has rich and diverse product levels and strong resource integration capabilities, providing customers with diversified and one-stop services related to air transportation.

Air Export Services:

· Export cargo contracting business

· Goods are exported and picked up into the warehouse

· Export customs declaration, inspection and documentation

· Transportation and packaging of goods

· Customs supervision vehicle transportation and customs clearance and tally services

· Agent destination customs clearance, customs dispatch, freight collect service

· Special Cargo Operation Arrangement (Accessories refer to dangerous goods, fresh goods, valuables, special items operation)

Air Import Services:

· Global air freight import services

· Global door-to-door service, cargo tracking

· Customs clearance services for the import of goods

· Goods import warehousing and delivery services

· Export customs declaration, inspection and documentation