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About Nolan Transportation Group

Transportation Insight Holding Company (TI Holding Company) is the parent company of industry leading 3PL logistics providers Transportation Insight (TI) and Nolan Transportation Group (NTG). TI Holding Company brings over two decades of multi-modal expertise and technology to the logistics industry and ranks amongst North America’s top 10 largest logistics companies. TI Holding Company services more than 14,000 shippers and over 80,000 carriers through its proprietary Beon™ digital logistics platform – a single point of access to TI and NTG’s mode-agnostic network and services. The TI Holding Company services and digital product portfolio spans across North America, offering domestic freight and parcel transportation solutions, warehousing, data intelligence, and supply chain consulting.

NTG is breaking the misconception that LTL freight shipping is “just a commodity.” We deliver better support, more transportation options, deeper discounts, and more robust technology than any other player in the marketplace. We back-up this diversity of solutions with our dedicated support team that will get to know your business and becomes a true partner in your logistics success. You’ll love having an NTG rep in your corner, and you’ll also enjoy the cost savings that come with it!

Cost Savings
We offer huge savings by pooling our book of business and using our volumes to negotiate deep discounts with quality carriers. It’s like buying in bulk for better pricing! We can often save our customers up to 85% discounts on LTL shipping.

Access to 70+ Quality Carriers
Come to NTG and get access to our entire carrier base of 70+ quality LTL carriers, all in one place! This saves you time from having to price-compare carriers individually. Our contracts have been negotiated so that we can offer our customers a huge diversity of carriers, while realizing cheap freight shipping pricing on LTL freight quotes that maximizes various FAKs, accessorial price reductions, and significant base rate discounts depending on the carrier and freight lane. Our strong relationships with a wide range of carriers allows us to meet your unique LTL shipping needs– whether its national long haul, regional, or short haul freight. Our carriers service a huge range of commodities– If you’re looking for information on how to ship an engine, we can help. Or wondering how to ship CPG? No problem, we handle it all

We are a true partner in simplifying logistics operations. We connect you to technology that increases flexibility, reliable capacity networks that reduce stress, and people – the most important piece of logistics equation. Our experts will always deliver the support and expertise you need because transportation isn’t easy. By putting the right tools, in the right hands, at the right time, we simplify it. We are elevating supply chain experiences from port to porch.

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