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The NMT Group specializes in the worldwide shipment of cars, trucks, trailers and all other self-propelled or rolling cargo.

Operating in the worlds most important trade lanes, NMT moves cargo worldwide on modern and technically advanced deep-sea and short-sea RoRo vessels. With the large fleet of flexible vessels used, NMT is able to transport all types of vehicles, and also oversized static pieces worldwide.

there is no doubt Christopher Columbus visited the Continent before us. Possibly also Norwegian Vikings were there before him. But the Dutch were not that far behind and even managed to design and architect Manhattan 400 years ago. We at NMT waited some more years until we were confident that RoRo services had overtaken sailing vessels across the Atlantic.

Today the two NMT offices in USA offers a vast number of RoRo services and expertise covering east, west- and south-bound destinations both for exports and imports. Our office in New Jersey has in addition built expertise related to exports from US to West Africa fitting the local customer base.

In 2014, we introduced a service connecting Europe with West Coast South America. Late 2016 we expanded this to also incorporate East Coast South America port calls before WCSA. The service now encompasses port calls in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Ecuador. The NMT office in Bolivia furthermore seals our commitment to offer our Bolivian customers a safe and undisturbed service passage through the port of Iquique.

With growing traffic from South America to US and also Europe, we have also developed service connections matching the customer requirements in the area.

The shipping service from Europe to the Middle East has been the pillar for NMT since the start in 1999. With 15 NMT offices located throughout Europe and Africa and the NMT Head office located in the Netherlands, NMT is unquestionably the market leader in its segment of RoRo Shipping.

Over the years NMT has developed, expanded and perfected the services from Europe to the Middle East and Far East. From 2008, NMT expanded their European outbound services to Africa. Starting with vessels calling Luanda and Angola, NMT quickly expanded its services to Walvisbay, and Durban and since 2010 also West Africa’s main ports.

Worth mentioning separately is our service and the opening of NMT in Walvisbay, Namibia. Gradually and through a working infrastructure a successful logistical corridor to neighbouring countries could also be offered. We are also offering East Africa services to Mombasa and Dar Es Salaam with hinterland connections to neighbouring countries.

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