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New Express Mail

New Express Mail
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It was founded in 1993 with the conviction of establishing itself in the market as a company that treats its customers, employees and suppliers with honesty, professionalism and respect. We are aware that the way in which the shipping process of each cargo is carried out will be directly reflected in the prosperity and well-being of both our customers and our staff. We are also clear about the difficulty that currently represents navigating through quality international logistics, for this reason we offer an easy, economical and efficient shipping process, which allows us to focus on what is most important for the success of our business, our human resource.

International Courier:

We are a Courier specialized in the collection, transport and door-to-door delivery of packages and / or documents from Miami to Colombia and the rest of the world.

Having a collection logistics in the main cities of the country, to dispatch your shipments or international packages, according to your needs, guaranteeing the effectiveness and fulfillment of delivery.


paquetes2_newNew Express has the possibility to dispatch your packages urgently safely and quickly.

We ensure that your final recipient receives your merchandise on time through our strategic alliances.


Door-to-door service is part of our logistics. In this way we take care of the entire operation without intermediaries, in such a way we always maintain control of your cargo both at origin and destination.

We have highly trained personnel that allows you to gather the appropriate documentation to present to customs and thus be able to nationalize your cargo in the best way, redispatch to the different cities.

We provide an adequate packaging service at low costs, so that your packages and parcels arrive safe and in good condition, to maintain the satisfaction and security of the final recipient.

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