Montgomery International Inc
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Essington, PA
19029 USA
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Montgomery International is a fully automated Customs broker who is ABI (Automated Broker Interface) certified. Montgomery provides both transportation and Customs clearance services, whether air or ocean at very competitive prices. With offices conveniently located just one mile from the Philadelphia International Airport, Montgomery can and does provide personalized services to the importing and exporting community. Montgomery International has agents and partners worldwide in all major transportation areas through its membership in the Global Freight Group (GFG) and through the World Cargo Alliance (WCA). Both are international networks of independently owned and operated freight forwarders and Customs brokers, providing nearly 400 agents in 65 countries.

Mr. Jimmy Montgomery, President, founded Montgomery International Incorporated in 1982. Mr. Montgomery’s background in the international transportation industry began in 1957 and includes experience in air freight and ocean freight services. Mr. Montgomery has been a licensed Customs broker since 1972, has worked in the industry at the Ports of Montreal, Canada, Chicago, IL, and of course, Philadelphia, PA. Currently, there are 6 employees at Montgomery International with over 100 combined years of industry experience, and two of those employees are licensed Customs brokers.

We specialize in “extraordinary personal services” to companies such as yours simply because we have found that most companies want personal service more than anything else, we use the phrase “no voice mail, just talented people with the right attitude.” We believe a “live voice,” our attitude, and a smile are important to people who have to deal with the aggravations that can accompany international transportation and its headaches. As your Customs broker, Montgomery International commits to providing the quickest possible Customs clearance and delivery services with the least amount of hassle and aggravation. We know how frustrating voice mail can be sometimes, especially when you need a “live” person, and we don’t want to add to your frustration. We believe that it is not just the job we do for you, but the attitude that we have when doing that job.

Serious business handled with a smile !