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Full range of services
We have been transporting goods for more than 16 years. Experience, along with qualified personnel, guarantees:

Advantages of sea delivery
Versatility – transportation by sea can be carried out for any cargo, including oversized and heavy.

High reliability – thanks to the proven schemes of cargo transportation, as well as modern sea vessels, your cargo will be safely delivered to the warehouse.

Price – sea transportation is always cheaper, especially if it concerns the countries of Europe, Asia and America.

We carry out
Express delivery of goods

Transportation of oversized, heavy air cargoes

Transportation of goods by air or combined modes of transport

Work on the schemes “airport-airport” or “from door to door”

Consolidation of goods in the warehouse

Advantages of air delivery
Efficiency – there is no faster way to move cargo than to send it by plane.

Cargo safety – due to its reliability, it is ideal for the transportation of valuable, fragile, expensive cargoes.

Efficient – any consignment of goods is always on time and at the best price.

Road transport
We provide a full range of services in the field of organization of freight transportation by road.

Cargo transportation of any complexity in the countries of Europe and the CIS.

Transportation of goods regardless of weight and volume.

A wide range of vehicles, including long meters.

Guarantee of high-quality cargo transportation and good service.

Advantages of road transportation
Efficiency – sending the goods on the day of application.

Versatility – modern cars allow you to transport almost any type of cargo, including dangerous and oversized.

Cost – in addition to all these advantages, road freight holds the championship at the most comfortable prices.

Carry out
Analysis of transported objects and compliance with legislative requirements for their transportation

Selection of adequate rolling stock

Formation of the route scheme

Loading and unloading

Designing the scheme of fastenings of the object on the transport platform

Engineering support and mandatory monitoring along the way