Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar
2 Abu Bakr St, Kuwait City, Kuwait
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About Us Mohamed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar

Al – Bahar Group holds the distinction of being one of the oldest commercial establishments in Kuwait. Since then, the group has been a pillar of the community. As one of the largest and most prominent businesses in the region, Al – Bahar Group has interests in consumer goods, shipping, consumer electronics.

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Currently, BSC is the exclusive agent for China Ocean Shipping Group Company (COSCO). As China’s largest shipping group specializing in shipping, logistics, and ship building and repair;
COSCO owns and controls more than a thousand modern merchant vessels.

Freight Forwarding

As part of its shipping services, Al-Bahar Shipping (BSC) organizes freight forwarding and cargo services for both individuals and corporations. With our global network and local know – how, we provide coverage at both origin and destination as your single agent.

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