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Lowest price guarantee We guarantee lowest prices. We provide the best price on the market because of our special business relationships with all our drivers and carriers. And we are ready to prove it for you! Sometimes you can also get access to special deals pr
No agency fees 100% guaranteed that we would not charge you any additional fees such as border fee, agency fee or fuel fee. Unlike other freight brokerage and trucking companies, we do not take any fees of any kind on top of our original price. You are welcome to use our services for free and book delivery of your shipment at the lowest price.
Free customer support Need help? Have questions concerning payment? Our customer service team is always here for you and can be reached by phone, email, or live chat in the bottom of this page. All the members of our customer support team have long-term experience in logistics and are happy to offer you free professional help on any issue concerning your freight.
Top quality service We guarantee that every driver in Milestime Inc. has been checked and complies with the highest abstracts and insurance history. We always make sure that our service delivered at highest standards.
Our professional logistics team has extensive experience and skills in dealing with all types of international freight. Milestime team is here to assist you with all your overseas shipments and will evaluate your specific needs to develop the best transportation solution. Milestime Inc. provides international overseas shipping solutions. We handle all freight sizes, and we have the international freight shipment solution to meet all your specific needs.
Milestime Inc. delivers safe, reliable international ocean shipping solutions. Our Overseas Division will assess your individual international freight shipping needs and bring all cost savings to your attention to contain your transport costs. Milestime Inc. provides affordable and reliable ocean freight shipping services all over the world.
Milestime Inc. can help you to plan any type of ocean shipment. This saves you from the time-consuming hassle of trying to find the best combination of carrier, lane, and type of vessel. Our operation managers will make your challenge as easy and affordable as possible. Our professional staff know how to effectively help you with each of your unique shipping needs, planning the best procedures and then flawlessly executing them. We do everything we can to provide you with the greatest degree of peace of mind. Just give us your order…and your stress. We will handle both!
Improve your Ocean Shipping with our experienced logistics professionals, on demand capacity and 24/7/365 tracking and tracing access. With the same day, planned and contractual service capabilities, we would be more than happy to help you with your freight and to solve your the most difficult logistics demands. Any shipping need can be met by our experienced freight specialists who will effectively help to create a custom solution that fits your budget and delivery requirements.
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