Mileage Logistics Pvt Ltd

Mileage Logistics Pvt Ltd

Address : Unit No: C-204, Raylon Arcade,
Kondivita Road, Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 059.
State : Maharashtra
Country : India
Contact Name : Mr. Rajender
Email Address : [email protected]
Phone : +91 22 2832 5581

This perfectly describes Mileage Logistics Pvt. Ltd., a full-service logistics and supply chain management organisation established in 2014 by a hardworking group of industry enthusiasts – Bharat, Rajendra and Mahesh. After putting in over 7 decades of cumulative experience in the dynamic logistics industry, their entrepreneurial instincts got them together with a singular objective to differentiate the services and add value to the customers.The leadership team at Mileage Logistics believes that, ‘Value Added is Value Created’. Their long-standing experience in operations, business processes & strategies has translated into concrete bene-fits for our customers.‘Project Logistics’ has been one of the most significant strengths of Mileage Logistics Pvt. Ltd. We take the time to listen to our customers when developing best practices, new technology and new services. Out-of-the-box thinking and strategies specifically designed to meet individual customer needs are leading the organisation on a steady growth trajectory. Trust shown by our customers has proven our mettle time and again.

In a short span of about 4 years since it was established, Mileage Logistics has successfully garnered strong support from its global network of associates and earned the reputation of one of the most trusted rising organisations offering end-to-end solutions in the field of logistics and supply chain management industry.

Mileage Logistics Pvt. Ltd. has always emphasised on maintaining the transparency and has built a very warm and cohesive culture not just within the organisation but also with our global associates and other significant stakeholders. As extended arms for our customers through the solutions we recommend, we strategically chart the direction for our clients and empower them to rise above the challenges of ever-changing market dynamics and competition.

Training and caring for our ‘People’, consistent improvement in ‘Processes’ and high-quality service delivery defining our ‘Performance’ are critical driving factors behind the success of Mileage Logistics Pvt. Ltd. No wonder, our customers swear by ‘More with Mileage’.

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