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About Us Mickrash Logistics Company Limited

The main objectives of establishing Mickrash Logistics Company Limited was to pioneer innovative development in the clearing and forwarding industry and in particular providing strong, secure, and growing business to tens of thousands of importers and exporters. Mickrash Logistics Company Limited aims and intends to successfully achieve her goals she has set by considering excellent human values and good services to our customers, that way would be able to main long – term business relationship with her customers.

Services Mickrash Logistics Company Limited

Documentation and Cargo Handing

Mickrash Logistics Company Limited represents clients , process the documents as per customers instructions, also in some unique cases escorts customers through customs and offer advice on key issues of cargo handling to minimize on freight costs and assist where needed handling equipment. With our state of the Art Technology and Working Tools in place Mickrash Logistics Company Limited, is able to track customers’ cargo with easy and offer appropriate and timely advice to the customer.
Local Cargo Clearance
We arrange customs clearance and transportation of local cargo be it import or export either by sea ,land or air. We arrange inspection, customs clearance at the following entry points, Mutukula, Namanga, Horohoro, Holili , Tunduma, Kasumulu and Sirari.
Transit Cargo Clearance
We offer customs clearance here and at the border points and transportation to the final destinations. We arrange, release of cargo’s from shipping lines, Insurance, and Bonds for transit cargo’s and custom clearance up – to the border points.

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