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McDan Shipping Company was established in November 1999 with headquarter in Accra and branches in Tema, Takoradi, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Equatorial Guinea. The Company has presence in over 2400 major air and sea ports worldwide with our partnership with WCA (World Cargo Alliance) and JC Trans.


McDan has over 47000 square meters of covered warehouse and 80,000 square meters of open space warehouse with warehouse management system to warehouse your cargo as well as collateral management. Our warehouses are staffed with experienced and trained personnel for reliable service.


McDan handles cargo for all our network partners including airlines and shipping lines. If you want to assure the safety of your cargo to your client there are well tailored solutions for free hand handling and consolidation with our total insurance cover on goods in transit.


At McDan we understand the importance of providing a reliable and consistent international freight service. At McDan, we have developed our full range of freight forwarding services over so many years, and can organise the transportation and management of your cargo.


McDan Shipping offers an all-inclusive agency and support services to charterers, ship operators and ship owners. McDan Shipping provides comprehensive supply chain services which includes document processing, air/sea port clearance and arrangement of vessel requirements. McDan Shipping is fast, effective and efficient in managing vessel needs and vessel operators.

Adopting a customer focus approach, McDan client service department constantly provides up-to-date statuses and information in rendering the day-to-day ship agency services. McDan shipping ensures top notch service delivery in order to meet customer expectation and requests.

In partnership with world cargo alliance, McDan has presence in over 2400 major air and sea ports, this network partnership broadens our scope of business worldwide and as such, McDan is available to serve you regardless of where your vessel berths. In the quest to take convenience to the door step of prospects, McDan has established branches in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea in order to extend our bespoke ship agency service to the prospective client.