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Maritime World Logistics Inc

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Every heavy and oversized shipment is unique and has problems and solutions of its own nature. Maritime World Logistics Inc. has the knowledge, experience and expertise required to handle your high-value, sophisticated project cargo.

Maritime World Logistics Inc. has been successfully moving heavy and oversized project cargo throughout North America since 1999.

Our Services

Seamless, turn-key and innovative transportation solutions for your heavy/oversized loads.
Project transportation management and coordination.
Investigation and study of alternative routes, modes and methods of transportation for a safe, timely and cost effective delivery of your commodity.
Competitive rates.
Apply and obtain clearances, permits.
Total project design or any portion thereof depending on our clients’ needs.
What we transport:
Heavy and oversized machinery, equipment, materials, such as:

Power Generation
Oil and Gas
Mining and Construction
Wheeled or Tracked Cranes, Vehicles and Machinery
Other Projects
How we transport
Depending on your requirement, a seamless service is provided including port handling, securing, unsecuring, intermodal transportation, transhipments, receiving or delivering from/to foundations, customs clearing and all other necessary documentation.

By Rail: Transportation with railcars of all types including gondola, flat, bulkhead, depressed center and Schnabel multi axle (8-22) available as required.
By Road: Regular trailers, low-bed trailers, double drops, hydraulic platform trailers and other specialized equipment.
By Water: Inland North America waterways or ocean transport by appropriate barges, river vessel or ocean vessels.

Escorted Rail Service
Project cargo moving by rail can present North America’s railroads with unique challenges as these one off moves try to find a place amongst the huge volumes of container trains, unit trains of coal, grain, ores, petroleum products, lumber and paper products. Project cargo, almost always dimensional and or heavy, can impede the flow and efficiency that are the cornerstones of railroad profitability.

Maritime World has a network of lifetime railroaders on call to dispatch to rail yards across the continent providing on-site inspection at all major rail connections, expedite flow-through and keep your cargo top of mind with local managers, minimizing the chance of damage due to missed restrictions and maximize opportunities to improve connections. The efforts of our rail professionals both improves results for our customers and aids the railways in their efforts to provide safe, efficient and incident-free service.

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