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MarineXpedition is a business conglomerate that has its presence in Singapore, Malaysia, and Bangladesh. Its main activities are involved in the industries of Shipping, Logistics, Intermodal Transportation, Dredging, Trading and HR Services. Detailed information on each of its concerns is highlighted on the menu bar.

Our commitment is to deliver the highest standards in each area of business. With our extensive organizational set up we take pride in hosting solutions with a progressive approach. Having worked continuously on adapting pragmatic corporate policies, our setup is well defined with each individual performance measured and accounted for.

Consistently, we try and improve our evaluation in human resource management. We constantly research and apply procedures in areas of business ethics, moral standing, performance appraisals, and team work. With these various considerations our work environment has proved to be of a high capable standard.

We believe in the philosophy of specialization. For the work we handle, we ensure setting realistic target and in turn excelling in our services. Our approach to expansion is organized and based on practical expectations; proficient resources in research and development assist in the viability of each project. With the vision to execute and implement with maximum utilization, our company envisions constant growth in industries.

Airfreight services
Our experience in the provision of airfreight, air charters, aviation support and management servicescovers the complete range of fixed wing operation. In addition to traditional airfreight services, we provides existing infrastructure development, passenger processing and freight handling services, operating policies and procedures, security services, auditing and liaison services with local civil aviation authorities in Bangladesh.

Roadfreight services
We offer a complete range of inland transportation services including full and partial truckload transportation, heavy haul and over-dimensional trucking, out-of-gauge rail shipping, barging and expedited services. We offer has an in-depth understanding of market conditions such as fuel costs, truck availability and lane saturation. The corporate heavy haul team is comprised of experienced transportation professionals dedicated to providing customised solutions. Our offices provide 24-hour service, seven days a week.

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