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Maple Freight Partnership


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Maple Freight is dedicated to providing professional, reliable and flexible transportation logistics services to importers and exporters in the confidence that, through our systems, we will give our customer the ability to create, develop and refine their supply chain solutions and achieve an impeccable state of management efficiency.

Global Air

International air freight forwarding is a premium service offered by Maple Freight. As an IATA member, we have contracts with all major airlines around the world. While many others can offer air freight service, our service goes beyond just flying your cargo by air. The art of air cargo involves detailed pre-planning and making smart decisions under special circumstances. By understanding each carrier’s strength and its flight capacities, we offer smart solutions to our customers based on their needs at time of booking. In addition, we have a thorough understanding of each carrier’s routing and connection programs. This enables us to make wise decisions on behalf of our shippers. Air cargo for certain types of commodities must also be properly handled. Certain commodities have a short life span, such as perishables, and we must choose the most direct routing and a carrier that is experienced in handling this type of cargo both in the air and at arrival. For general air cargo that is urgent, we closely monitor such shipments to ensure they are loaded on board and sent as scheduled.

Sea-Air Program
We offer a flexible sea-air program for shipments originating in special ports in China. This program combines the cost-effectiveness of sea freight and the quick turn-around time of air freight. Shipments are sent by sea to Korea then connect by air to Canada within 7 to 10 days. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about this powerful and cost efficient program.

Dangerous Goods
Our staff are trained and certified to handle the import and export of dangerous goods. Many customers don’t fully appreciate what constitutes a “dangerous good”. Dangerous goods are not just biological hazards or radioactive materials. In fact, many everyday products are also classified as dangerous goods when shipped by air freight. This could be due to its poison content, flammability and/or corrosive potential. When shipping dangerous goods, it is imperative that customers provide us with all the necessary information to determine the class of the product, the packaging required and the quantity that carriers will accept on their flights. Manufacturers of dangerous goods generally know their products well, and any middleman purchasing dangerous goods for resale should consult back to the manufacturer. As part of our comprehensive service offering, we provide professional advice on how to properly package such goods and on how to abide by the correct declaration procedures.

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