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About Long Sail International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Changfan International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1997. The company name comes from Li Bai’s famous poem, “When the wind breaks the waves, there will be times when the sails will hang directly on the clouds to benefit the sea.” Changfan International Logistics is an operator specializing in third-party integrated logistics services. With the strategic goal of becoming a “global supply chain management company”, it has been committed to promoting the rapid and comprehensive development of China’s logistics service industry for many years. With the support of advanced logistics IT system, fully integrate the group and social logistics resources to provide customers with a full range of logistics and value-added services.

International’s logistics services cover a wide range of professional fields, including maritime, air transport, multimodal transport, bonded area logistics, supply chain plan design, customs declaration and inspection, supply chain finance, cross-border e-commerce and other professional fields. An efficient service network has spread all over the world, with more than 200 partners overseas, and subsidiaries or branches in major domestic cities to provide customers with easy, convenient and considerate services.

The customers served by Changfan International Logistics include IT, home appliances, textiles, pharmaceuticals, consumer goods, agricultural products and other major industries, and provide logistics management services for many Fortune 500 companies, listed companies at home and abroad, and well-known enterprises. Shenzhen Changfan is a member of WCA, CGLN, WFN, X2 and other well-known associations, is the vice-chairman unit of Shenzhen Freight Forwarders Association, a first-class freight forwarder, and the first batch of non-vessel carriers. We maintain a good interactive relationship with the industry and are constantly committed to providing superior services to our customers.

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