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Logistics Yard
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LOGISTICS BY LOGISTICIANS With the conviction that logistics should only be run by logistics professionals, Logistics Yard has been formed in 2009 initially as a logistics consultancy and then acquired the Toll Global Forwarding Franchise in 2017. Now Logistics Yard is a major regional forwarding player managed by its founders and backed by their 35 years of experience in managing global forwarding corporations.
BRINGING THE WORLD ​TO THE LEVANT Logistics Yard has partnered with multinational freight and logistics groups and formed a global network covering 150 countries with the aim of providing prime freight forwarding and end to end supply chain services to the region. GLOBAL FREIGHT FORWARDER FOR GENERAL AND SPECIAL CARGO ​​With the Oil and Gas discoveries and the future Reconstruction expectations in the region, we have prepared the ground for embracing the forecasted expansion by offering, in addition to the classic freight and logistics services, a wide range of solutions, under the umbrella of our multinational partners specialized in PROJECT LOGISTICS moving heavy machinery for construction, Oil & Gas, electricity and renewable energy.
Airport to Airport Door to Door Medium to Large Shipments All Destinations. Rapid and Last Minute Deliveries ​AIR FREIGHT SEA FREIGHT LAND FREIGHT MULTIMODAL CUSTOMS & PORT OPERATIONS Transit – Free Zone – Warehousing Specialized in CROSS TRADE Decades of experience in global routes, moving thousands of containers and tons of goods for Imports, Exports and Cross Trade by Air, Sea and Land, carrying all dry, chilled and frozen cargo. Being architects of transport, we maintain strong relationships with major carriers in global routes, ensuring flexible and competitive services and securing best spaces & rates. Our deep knowledge of the regulations governing international traffic in addition to each country’s rules for local customs and port services including transit, free zone, storage and transport, gives us the advantage of executing on time door to door deliveries anywhere in the world, covering the end to end logistics services of the supply chain. We are proud to present ourselves as your prime freight forwarding partner for Lebanon and all the Levant countries.
​PROJECT LOGISTICS OVERSIZED CARGO With the Oil & Gas discoveries and mega reconstruction projects expected in the region we have partnered with prime multinationals to provide world class services in project logistics moving oversized cargo: Oil & Gas Renewable Energy Windmills, Turbines & Power Gens High Rise Bldgs Infrastructure Heavy Machinery​ OUR SERVICES
BULK CARGO CARGO PLANE CHARTERING CARGO SHIP CHARTERING ​​Non- Containerized Bulk Cargo Partial airplane charters Full airplane charters Partial ship charters Full ship charters PERISHABLES Offering a global network for the safe delivery of perishables requiring a dedicated team with specialized in the handling, packaging , storage and transportation of fresh food and vegetables

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