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Logística Aduanera, S.A.
CC Siglo XXI # 35. Panama
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About Us Logística Aduanera, S.A.

We provide clients with the highest quality customs due diligence before customs, ports and airports, land borders, tax districts, shipping companies, and all government agencies and private companies.

Services Logística Aduanera, S.A.

Import for consumption

Imports for consumption are a customs system that allows the importation of consumer goods, subject to payment of duties.

Door – to – door Transport

Our transportation service with the reliability and commitment that the client expects. From initial setup to delivery.

Air, sea and land logistics service

Transport plays an important role in the export process of the company, and it is necessary to understand various concepts, terminology and processes to ensure the success of its sales abroad, because it depends on it that the product reaches the buyer in the best conditions.

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