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: Canada
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LEI’s governing philosophy has always been to manage all of their client’s logistical needs in-house by minimizing reliance on third party carriers. By owning and operating its own equipment and assets, LEI retains more control of customer cargo from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’. This reduces the need to deal with multiple companies, thus improving accuracy and responsiveness, while insulating their clients from operational challenges such as rate increases and labour disputes.

While LEI has taken great care to build large and effective transportation networks to better serve its customers, we have never aspired to get too big. We know that our clients are better served by a forwarder that has found that sweet spot between being big enough to ensure logistical needs are easily met, and small enough to make sure our clients get the personalised service they deserve.

At LEI, we have built a culture based around exceeding our customer’s expectations by creating an environment where our employees can care more.

Selecting the most efficient and cost effective transportation options can be challenging. Whether you need to fill a small gap in your supply chain or whether you need a complete, end-to-end logistics solution, you can trust LEI to come up with creative solutions to all your transportation needs.

Our multimodal transportation solutions, such as our Sea/Air service, provide greater flexibility in both timing and price. And LEI’s partnerships with key air, ocean and ground carriers provide customizable and integrated global transportation solutions that allow for greater leverage in both space allocation and pricing.

Having LEI’s team knowledgeable and responsive ocean freight experts on your side means that you have access to extensive transportation networks and partnerships with leading ocean carriers. Our well-established networks and relationships translate into increased capacity, better value, more flexibility, and more choice for our clients.

Whatever the size of your business, and however complicated your supply chain, you can rest assured that LEI will take care to identify your optimal logistics solutions in terms of time-to-cost and many other criteria. We will provide you with custom made, industry specific solutions and rates, helping you keep your business competitive by making sure your goods arrive intact and on time.

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