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LILLY works with a multitude of customers – from large corporations with complex global supply chains, to mom and pop distributors, to individuals moving overseas shipping personal items via ocean freight. LILLY offers logistics customers something different than an average international freight forwarder and takes the time to get to know their customer’s operation on a micro level to find any missed opportunities for efficiencies and cost savings.

The company has found a true value-added service for customers dubbed “foreign to foreign” market. LILLY has revolutionized company’s supply chains by shipping directly from a company’s foreign supplier or manufacturer, eliminating the holds and fees from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and almost half of shipping costs, direct to the company’s end user in another foreign country.

We will listen to your unique situation and recommend the exact set of services that you need to get your goods from origin to destination without delay and without unnecessary steps. You will have complete control over all pertinent documentation. In addition, you can benefit from our quick clearance service, which allows your goods to get to their final destination faster.

At Shiplilly we work with top Carriers around the world to offer the most competitive rates and secure space. We’re proud to say that all documentation and value added extras are processed in-house through our network of offices around the globe to ensure your cargo arrives as planned. We can book your cargo, arrange for pickup and delivery, and manage all import/export documentation from nearly any origin or destination in the world. Our team of experts will manage your ocean shipment from door-to-door based on your cargos ready date, shipment size, and equipment needs.