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About LEX

What is LEX

It is a Litegua Express Project that seeks to be closer to our customers through commercial allies that are now located in new points for the reception and shipment of parcels nationwide always with the speed and reliability that characterizes us.

LEX will always be at key points to make sending and receiving parcels easier; our coverage will also be greater, as we will be able to improve the convenience for you through the routes already established in our logistics and in this way create an even closer relationship with all our customers.

Our allies will be committed to providing you with our highest quality standards always offering the best service as well as the safety, professionalism and effectiveness that only Litegua Express can give you, have the confidence to acquire the parcel service, since Litegua Express supports you.

To acquire our services you only have to go to the agencies authorized by Litegua and request the shipment of your parcel to the more than 222 destinations throughout Guatemala or claim the receipt of your package through the guide number and identity document.

Keep in mind that our partner has the responsibility of your package, so for your safety and that of all this will apply the same procedures established in our Operations Manual for customer service, review of packages, weigh and measure packages, rate, creation of guides, billing and collection. in the same way the preparation of the packages and protection until the delivery and / or transfer by means of Litegua Express. Remember that the collection and delivery times will depend on the company’s own logistics processes.

If you have doubts if the place you arrived is a LEX Agency we tell you that they are duly identified with advertising materials authorized by Litegua Express, in the same way you can verify it on our website, here you will find all the authorized points.

Lex intermediaries carry out their activities with the same quality standards in all agencies, providing an accurate, punctual, professional and committed service. the intermediaries fulfill the same functions and responsibilities as the Litegua agencies, being controlled, evaluated and guided by the years of experience that Litegua can provide them.

If you want to know if the prices are correct we recommend you follow the following steps:

check if your invoice must describe the correct amount you paid when sending or receiving your package.
You can also contact the Call Center 2326-9595 or through Whatsapp 5200-1838

We work with 3 Quality Standards

1. Personalized Service

We have qualified personnel to assist you as you deserve in our ten departmental agencies (Capital City, Río Hondo, Los Amates, Morales, Río Dulce, Santo Tomás de Castilla and Puerto Barrios). We provide the door-to-door collection and delivery service and mobilize any volume of parcels and cargo.

2. Security

For more than 30 years LITEGUA, S.A. has been a leader in Guatemala in the transfer of domestic passengers and foreign tourism, which has allowed us to develop a solid work strategy, standardized and proven logistics processes, efficient operation and high-level safety standards, which also guarantee the delivery of your merchandise to any point in the North-East of the country.

We innovate in our service to always know where your task is and avoid unnecessary waits (Monitoring of bar codes), we also permanently train our staff so that you always get the best service.

In LITEGUA EXPRESS we offer for a small surcharge, an optional insurance in the transfer of your parcels and cargo (loss or damage), so that the transfer of your merchandise is always guaranteed. With LITEGUA EXPRESS you and your products are in the best hands.

3. Fair Price

We have an innovative automated rate system, which guarantees an exact, economical and standardized collection, which will allow you to achieve economy in your transfers and will give you the assurance that your products will be charged under the same criteria in any of our agencies and at any time you use our services.

Litegua Express project that seeks to be closer to our customers through commercial allies that are now located in new points for the reception and shipment of parcels nationwide.

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Our policy regulations are based on conditions that are established in accordance with Guatemalan commercial and criminal laws.

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We do not transport: money, jewelry, gold, cashier’s checks, precious metals, firearms and their components or parts, or illicit things

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