Levaco NV

Levaco NV

Santvoortbeeklaan 25
2100 Antwerpen-Deurne
City :Deurne
Country :Belgium
Contact Name :Mr. Bob Segers
Email Address :[email protected]
Phone :+ 32 3 2024854
Fax :+ 32 3 225 0006
Website :www.levaco.be

Levaco was founded in 1967 by two partners, and developed itself as a traditional forwarding company concentrating on seafreight business both for imports and exports, offering value added services throughout a wide range of storage and handling facilities in the Antwerp port.

Completing this forwarding package, Levaco obtained various customs bonds and services in Antwerp, linked directly with the Ministry of Finance sin Brussels. Today Levaco has been awarded with a full licensed AEO-certificate.

One of the original founders Mr. Van Der Haeghe continued till 2000 when the 2nd generation entered. “You cannot simply walk away from your life time achievement as if it never happened” Mr. Van Der Haeghe motivated his decision to support the new management headed by Luc Huysmans.

Luc’s forwarding career started when he joined Navex & Van Meerbeeck in 1993, first as a director and thereafter as an MD.
The company had just merged Van Meerbeeck & Co (founded 1946) and Navex N.V. (founded 1919).

Focusing on the creation of new products and services to dedicated regions with local partnerships at destinations requiring specific know how, a container route was opened in 1994 to Albania supplying the Coca Cola factory with sugar from the UK.

The service was later extended to Kosovo and Macedonia, and at the same time a full service by sea and land was opened to Iran where the economy started to flourish again.

Seafreight Services
Seafreight is already since a long time an excellent solution for intercontinental transport, and is recognised as an important component of the global trade and sustainable development.

Seafreight is a cost efficient way to transport high quantities of a product and is therefore often used by people who are importing goods from China or anywhere else in the world.

Thanks to the important seafreight volume that we ship and the wide range of carriers we work with, we are able to offer you competitive rates, fixed space allocation and an excellent follow up.

Our long experience in seafreight and our well educated staff, supported by our worldwide network, will navigate you through the complex world of seafreight with its specific rules and regulations.

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