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In 1983, three young enterprising Guyanese – John La Rose, Terrence Pariaug and Glen Khan, saw a need to reconnect West Indians who were living overseas, with their families and friends in their respective homelands in the Caribbean and Guyana. The Caribbean communities in the United States of America, Canada and the UK needed a reliable channel to send supplies, gifts and various other items to their families ‘back home’. Thus was born LAPARKAN which is an acronym from the last names of the three entrepreneurs. Laparkan opened its first office in Toronto, Canada in summer of 1983. The word quickly spread throughout the Caribbean Diaspora and soon there was a demand for offices in other locations. Through hard work and a focused approach, Laparkan quickly established offices in Guyana, New York, Miami and the United Kingdom. The response from the overseas communities was very positive and supportive and within six years, Laparkan had additional offices or agencies opened in Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica and Barbados.
Air Freight: Laparkan Airways is a Leading provider of air freight services to the Caribbean for more than nineteen years, serving Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados and Suriname directly with wide body Boeing 767 freighters, with connections to the entire Caribbean. Our years of experience and commitment to the Caribbean market has equipped us with knowledge to handle almost any scenario which may arise, handling live animals, dangerous goods, oversized cargo and specialized industrial cargo. Laparkan Airways is the preferred carrier to the Caribbean. Our team of professionals’ remains committed to offer the best customer service and support. Laparkan Airways offers a myriad of air cargo products in addition to our General Air Freight; we have our Courier/Small Package service, Private Mail Box, Express Air Freight, and the “Flat Rate Box/Envelope”. Learn about our Flight Schedule. Laparkan Airways, your solution for air cargo to the Caribbean.
The Guyana National Industrial Company’s (GNIC) origin may be traced to the 1840’s when the facility commenced operations under the ownership of a Messrs Hugh Sprostons, a Private Entrepreneur as a Shipbuilding and Ship Repairing Company. In 1976, the facility was then owned by ALCAN nationalized, becoming Guyana National Engineering Corporation Limited (GNECL), a State owned company. On November 1, 1995 the company was privatized by the leasing of the infrastructural facilities and the compulsory acquisition of other Plant and Machinery under Guyana National Industrial Company Incorporated. The company can be categorized as a Mini Industrial Conglomerate with the following as its major product lines and services: Wharf Operations i.e Handling of both Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo for all the Sectors AND Inland Intermodal Transportation Logistics Services for Containerized and Break Bulk Cargo Imports and Exports Vessel Construction and Repairs including Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Services and other Steel Construction Activities Projects, Equipment and Machinery Sales and Agency Representations with accompanying Product Support Activities

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