Labay/Summers Building

Labay/Summers Building

The Labay/Summers Building
23203 West Hardy Street
Spring, TX 77373-5627
United States Of America
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Labay/Summers International, Inc., was founded in Houston, Texas USA, in July, 1972.

On the IMPORT side of our activities, we are an air / sea / land Customs Broker and we are licensed and regulated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection ( CBP ). We have provided U.S. Customs clearance services for valued import clients for half a century. Many of our clients have been utilizing our Customs clearance and related services for over four decades.

With regard to EXPORT services involving sea freight, we are licensed and regulated by the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission ( FMC ), as an Ocean Transportation Intermediary, Freight Forwarder ( OTI, FF ). Relative to providing international export air freight services, we are approved and regulated by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration ( TSA ) as an Indirect Air Carrier.

In addition to being a Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder, we also provide MARINE STOCKIST services. These services involve the storage and distribution of non-hazardous product(s) for use by all types of ships calling ports in the U.S. West Gulf.

Air / Sea U.S. Customs Clearances
HTS Classifications
U.S. CBP ACE Participant
PGA Filings & Communications
U.S. Customs Bonds
Inbound Routing – Air / Sea Cargo – Worldwide
U.S. CBP IFS Filing Services
ATA Carnets & ATA Carnet Bonds
Import Air & Sea Cargo Insurance
U.S. Destination Agency Services

Export Documentation – Air & Sea
Door-to-Door Logistics – Air & Sea
Export Cargo Insurance – Air & Sea
Project / Heavy Lift Sea Cargo
Air Charters & Part Charters
Cross Trade Services – Foreign to Foreign
Roll On / Roll Off ( RO-RO ) Services

Air Charters & Part Charters:
Exporters don’t often require air charters or part charters but there are those situations where urgently needed equipment or materials must move to or from a given location without delay.

Labay/Summers has a 40+ year history of moving all sorts of material via air charters or part charters. We have moved symphony orchestras on worldwide tours while also moving very expensive automobiles via air charters to foreign destinations. Our air charter and part charter services have included moving oil drilling equipment to remote jungle areas in Africa as well as chartering aircraft to move relief supplies after natural disasters. Much of our experience with air charters and part charters have included the oil and gas industry over the years but we have also been very heavily involved in the entertainment industry.

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