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KB1 Logistics
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About KB1 Logistics

Established in 2016. KB1 Logistics, Formerly known as Cameltow Trucking Services (C.T.S), started as a humble Roadside Assistance provider & Trucking Company. Handling mainly in the transportation of Vehicles & Heavy equipment. Through the passing of time CTS founder and CEO Bernardo Francisco saw the opportunity in catering for the transport services of major companies. With this foresight Bernardo decided to shift gears and evolve his business model taking his company to new heights by creating KB1 LOGISTICS in 2018 which is now shaping to be one of the leading logistics providers in the Philippines. Today, KB1 Logistics continuously strives for customer satisfaction through cost effective pricing and service excellence. We pride ourselves with Thousands of satisfied customers ranging from opposite ends of the spectrum, from your average consumer to SME’s and to large multinational national corporations. KB1 Logistics has gained the solid base of experience and skills to provide cost effective solutions in the following industries: Telecom, Oil & Gas , Manufacturing, Automotive, Construction, E-Commerce, Fashion & Cosmetics.
Quick order turnaround is the name of the game. Our shipping partners move with us at lightning speed, delivering product to customers faster than ever before, without compromising quality or accuracy. KB1 Logistics’ excellent relationships with major carriers mean significant savings for you. Our streamlined freight systems and strategies will save you time and money for both domestic and international shipping.
Customs Brokerage Services When your business relies on imported goods, you need to work with a Logistics company that can get your merchandise through customs in a timely manner. We specialize in expediting your cargo through the supply chain as it enters the Philippines via any of the many air, ocean or land entry points. Our experienced team can walk you through every step of the import and export process and will help you clear your cargo fast, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, while mitigating risk of penalties or delays. Our licensed, customs compliance experts are part of a larger team that’s been successfully providing transportation and logistics solutions for well over decades ensuring you always have access to knowledgeable resources adept in industry best-practices. We’ve built our reputation on providing customized, efficient and detailed customs clearance services with a transparency that ensures our partnership endures for the future.

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