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We introduce Karachi Cargo Services (Pvt) Ltd (KCS), as one of the lading ISO 9001 certified International Freight Forwarders in Pakistan, providing logistics solutions worldwide. KCS was incorporated in 1990 with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) under companies ordinance 1984

Brankd Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd.

is branded as Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. not only in Pakistan but the international patrons are now getting awareness of this brand. The users of Freight & Logistics services of Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. are aware of its Superior Quality Service offered to its valued customers


The Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd.
This network as offices in all major commercial cities of Pakistan namely Karachi, Lahore, Sialkot, Islamabad and Faisalabad

We are registered & approved agency from IATA since 1992 and is a full fledge and permanent member of FANA, FIATA, ACAAP, PIFFA and KCCI.

Quality Assurance

The company’s policy has always been continuous adoptions of newest technology and modification of the system. This brings continued CHANGE PROCESS in our company


Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. has developed sophisticated systems these enable personnel to maintain the well established reputations in market, as a QUALITY logistic Partners to the trade & industry and also support in serving Customers with accuracy. Superior quality and first class services of its business’ class customers world over.

Our quality is our strength
KCS not only provide QUALITY-SERVICE rather its emphasis towards the employyes has always been on providing SUPERIOR QUALOTY; PERSONALIZED SERVICE to the Customers.

Ton ensure Quality, the Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. arranges regular Staff training & learning program. Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. also maintains periodical Checks & Quality Assurance Audit by the certified Auditors (TQCSI) to maintain ISO 9000/ ISO 2001 certification


Supply chain management a modern logistical concept.

Karachi Cargo Services Pvt. Ltd. COMPLIES WITH Supply Chains Management Concepts, a most Modren technique in Freight & Logistics world-over, involving all modes of transporations those are: Ocean, Air, Rail and Road. And multi-model of transports for e.g. Air-Ocean, Rail Oceans etc