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About Kainaaz Associates

Kainaaz Associates has its registered office in Mumbai, India, and it’s associates at other Indian Ports covering the east and the west coast of India. The company was established with the objective of acting as Custom Broker, Barge Owner, Transporter of bulk Liquid bulk\Reefer\Container, Project consultant & Freight Forwarder to provide total logistic solutions under one roof. We are a most dynamic and forward-looking company providing logistic solutions, transportation and comprehensive services related to cargo movements. The solid foundation of our company is based on our ability to deliver. Ability starts with a vision and it is our vision for the future that drives us to provide unequaled service. This vision is to build an organization that provides shippers and consignees with a frequency and reliability of the entire range of services related to carriage of goods on land, sea and air under one roof that allows cargoes to move on a “just in time” basis anywhere in India and the World
We provide a comprehensive service whether the requirement is FCL/LCL of Dry, Liquid, Haz, Non Haz cargo for our wide range of regular customers. We are member of the Federation of Freight Forwarder’s Associations in India. LCL/FCL door to door service is provided. We have experienced team to handle all types of Sea and Air freight shipments. Expertise in handling all kinds of Import and Export shipments under different INCO terms. Excellent report with all shipping lines, customs and port authorities in India. We can confidently handle heavy lifts and projects cargos, break Bulk shipments. All kinds of ODC (Old dimension cargos) shipments can be handled smoothly. We have all expertise and knowledge to handle Hazardous and Non-Hazardous shipments by Sea and Air. Our specialty is to handle Perishable, Engineering and white goods by Sea and Air. We can handle cross-trade shipments with ease. We offer firm rates for shipper owned or leased containers to almost any port in the world. We select only reliable shipping lines, having competitive transit time and lowest possible rates for LCL as well as FCL consignments. Less-than-container load (LCL) shipping offers many benefits for shippers and logistics managers alike, including reduced costs for moving goods, improved flexibility and more control over inventory management. Our platform enables you to streamline the process of getting your goods from A to B in real time. We combine our expertise and technology to manage smaller shipments more efficiently. Applying sophisticated analytics improves our means to save time and costs. Kainaaz Associates builds confidence to make the right decisions that result in more consistent, more optimal shipments. As a licensed Ocean freight forwarder, Kainaaz Associates provides flexible and integrated sea freight services, enabling the creation of the most adaptable and reliable custom solutions in the industry. We are dedicated to helping sea shipments all over India and internationally. Our major shipping alliances offer greater capacity and more competitive prices to help you optimize your sea freight services. With our ideal sea freight services, excellent capabilities, and reasonable price, we can successfully meet our customer needs while providing excellent service.
We have a fleet of 70+ road tankers with capacities of 25, 29 and 40 Metric Tons and above. Informatively all our tankers are locked with special non pilferable Abloy locks (made in Finland)once they are loaded. Even after the tankers are unloaded they are locked before leaving the premises/refinery. Thus there is no shortage nor pilferage of the cargo. Our tankers are fitted with GPS which is continuously monitored. We take pride in informing you that we have achieved the target of no shortages which has been a major challenge to the trade. As you are aware, the need of industry today is point to point delivery. We believe in giving a total solution to the trade. Along with our associates we operate a fleet of trucks / trailers for the movement of various types of dry cargoes, trailers for containers as well as ISO tank containers.heavy axles are used for ODC and heavy project movements and road tankers for transporting liquid cargo. We also provide cranes ranging from 10 to 350 tonnes and forklifts of various capacities. The transportation of Chemicals brings stringent environment, safety and security requirements, which is why it is essential that your company works with experts in handling all chemicals. With over 40 years of specialized chemical experience, specifically specializing in the chemical, petrochemical, polymer, and biofuel sectors, we are the experts in chemical transportation delivering goods safely and swiftly. You need a company you can count on to transport your goods, a company with a proven track record, and strong emphasis on safety. Our full hazmat certified personnel know how important it is to deliver your goods safely and on-time. This accomplishes minimized risk and maximized safety performance for your company. We are a resource with a strong reputation, safety ratings, and compliance history. Whether you’re moving drums, IBC’s, totes, ISO tanks, or flexi-tanks we are the one-stop solution for the movement of your cargo from door to door.

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