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Jost life in motion

JOST offers complete storage and warehousing thanks to its numerous warehouses, with multiple specificities, located throughout Belgium and the Netherlands.

JOST offers logistics for very diverse goods. From our warehouses, we store industrial goods, foodstuffs, beverages, retail items, e-commerce products, pharmaceutical items, etc.

We also have the possibility to store hazardous and chemical products.

Our warehouses are located on enclosed sites, secured by access control, fenced and closed by entrance barriers, guarding, intrusion alarm systems or video surveillance.

Logistics equipment
When leaving our logistics warehouses, the goods can be transported by our own vehicles or third-party vehicles.

They are always secured and wedged (straps, airbags, racks, bags or cushioning bars).

We offer connected IT solutions, WMS (Penta & Navitrans) with interfacing, EDI connections and real-time stock visibility.

We control, measure and act on temperature and humidity, both in our warehouses and in the loading containers, thanks to desiccant material and thermal insulation by container liners.

Value-added logistics
JOST is an IFS Logistics, Bio, ISO 9.001 and ISO 14.001 certified service provider.

We offer flexible and green logistics, adapted to your requests, thanks to a multimodal offer, for value-added solutions.

We store your goods both on the ground, in bulk, and on racks, with possibilities for picking, packing, copacking, kitting and tailor-made work.

We cooperate with customs authorities to ensure supply chain security through an AEO service.

We carry out the Bonded Warehouse with import of non-EU goods under suspension of customs duties and VAT to store them.

In addition, JOST is able to carry out reverse logistics.

JOST, a European partner
The geographical location of our sites allows us to serve the various European ports and airports in optimal conditions.

Our infrastructure is located near the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, in the heart of a multimodal network (rail-barge), container terminals and the main European airports such as Brussels, Liège, Paris, London, Amsterdam, Cologne and Frankfurt.

Opt for a recognized experience
After more than 60 years of experience, we provide in-depth know-how and knowledge in terms of air freight transport in Europe. Both in groupage, full loads, but also ADR goods and refrigerated transport.

Adapted equipment
Our tilt and sheet metal trailers are specially designed for air freight. This means that they are compatible with “Rollerbed” systems, have certified locks and can be traced in real time. Our “mega” trailers with an interior height of 3m and our temperature-controlled trailers for air freight are at your disposal.

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Safe, efficient and stable logistics in the future of the European chemical industry
The chemical industry calls on a variety of know-how, from upstream to downstream, from the production of basic chemicals to intermediates, including specialty chemicals.

JOST is present in all chemical sectors, both in the transport of raw or semi-processed materials and in the transport of finished, packaged or bulk products, solid, liquid or gaseous.

Mineral chemistry: dyes, pigments, industrial gases, basic inorganic chemicals such as chlorine, soda ash and fertilizers.

Organic chemistry: carbon compounds, petroleum, petrochemicals, plastics, resins, polymers, additives, synthetic rubbers, products used in the manufacture of parts for aeronautics, automotive, packaging.

Fine chemicals: basic pharmaceutical products, then used by laboratories to manufacture medicines.

Specialty chemicals: water treatment products, basic plastics, plant protection products, paints, inks, glues and adhesives, plant protection products.

Ensuring safe transport of chemicals and logistics, with specific care for the protection of the environment, in full compliance with regulations are keys to the brand image and reputation of the chemical industry.

The transport of chemical products: A perfect alignment of the requirements of manufacturers and their practical realization on a daily basis
The chemical industry is of strategic importance for the sustainable development of national economies. Global competition has rapidly changed the global map of chemical production and consumption.

The inappropriate use of chemicals can have harmful consequences for people and the environment. Particular attention is paid to health and safety issues related to the use of chemicals in production processes and during transport. The potential hazards associated with these substances may be health, physical or environmental.

JOST draws on its extensive and solid practical experience and has developed strategies for the sound management of chemicals. Vehicles adapted to the products, advanced and continuous training of the drivers and the operational line, reinforced prevention and a close partnership with customers guarantee the perfect alignment of their precise requirements with the daily realization of logistics operations.

JOST is ISO9001 certified and undergoes CEFIC SQAS assessment.

Tanks of different capacities from 19,000L to 40,000L, different coatings (stainless steel, ebonity, steel, aluminum) and specific equipment are used to preserve 100% the quality of your products, in complete safety.

Tanks, tank-containers or food powders, technical and ADR
Isolated or non-isolated
Single-tank or compartmentalized
Tilting or flat
With or without a temperature maintenance system
With or without a compressor or pump
With or without flow meter and printer
With or without vacuum system

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