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Jori International Ltd

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With freight forwarding partners in 195 countries around the world, JORI has the expertise to ship your commercial products anywhere. International shipping requires proper export documentation, understanding of global import and export regulations and analysis of the best transportation solution. We provide turnkey logistics services and take care of the nitty-gritty logistics, so you can focus on building your business.

Whether you’re shipping an 80 lb box of analyzers to Beijing, or an 80,000 lbs mining vehicle to Kazakhstan—we’ve got you covered. JORI takes care of all commercial shipments anywhere in the world.

They’re not Incoterms. These are some of the busiest airports in the world for commercial shipping. Our experienced team of Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) knows the airport code for every major center around the world and they have contacts and preferential rates with every airline.

Air freight is fast but it isn’t easy. One small mistake can mean missed pickups, transit delays and goods stuck at foreign airports. All of this increases shipping costs and reduces your bottom line. At JORI Logistics, we handle air freight with care because we know how important it is to you. When you need to move something quickly, you can rely on us to make it happen seamlessly.

Ocean Freight:
because a single container ship can hold up to 24,000 containers. Imagine putting 24,000 containers in one truck load!

While it can seem complicated and confusing (dealing with international vendors in a different language adds another layer of complexity) partnering with JORI Logistics makes it easy. We’re not afraid to get creative with our transportation solutions to find the best fit for you.

Ground Shipping:
Truck Freight
JORI Logistics has an extensive network of trucking companies. Whether your priorities are speed, reliability, cost or careful handling, we can identify the best carrier for the job. Additionally, as a freight forwarder, we have preferential rates with trucking companies and we pass those savings on to you.

Rail Transport
Rail can be an effective solution to keep costs down if you’re comfortable with longer shipment times. JORI has a network of intermodal rail carriers.

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