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JKK International Freights L.L.C

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About JKK International Freights L.L.C

The world we operate in is undergoing rapid change. Borders are fading; business is global and markets shift and overlap. The rapid succession of IT innovations is making the world smaller and easier to grasp.

At JKK International Freights LLC, established in the year 2005 as Limited Liability Company (LLC), we see the dynamics and turbulence of our changing world and have learned to respond to new impulses from the market. This allows us to operate energetically, flexibly and pro actively.

It is this vision, adaptability and commitment that evolved JKK International Freights as a “World of Excellence” in Business Logistics combining unbeatable experience of and know how offering specialized logistics solutions in the Exhibitions, Projects, Defense and Freight Forwarding Industries worldwide.

JKK International Freights LLC is a member of International Federation of Freight Forwarders Association (FIATA) and national Association of Freight & Logistics, UAE (NAFL) and operates under the NAFL Standard Trading Conditions.

As an organizer of global transportation services, our aim is to give the customer the most efficient flow patterns assuring a transport system combing transport management and traffic development, enabling them to focus on their core operations more efficiently than ever.

Simultaneously in the process, we create an environment for our work force to participate in the business process effectively in all respects.

In a competitive market place where business competes for customers, customer satisfaction is seen as a key differentiator and increasingly has become a key element of business strategy.

Our commitment to customers spread across the globe, with in the scope of our services, is leading us to new horizons in the logistics industry.

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JKK freights International offer project logistics services to a wide spectrum of our clients in the oil& gas, defense, engineering, power, energy, entertainment and yacht industries.

With our global net work of agents, we provide international multi-modal logistics solutions round – the-clock in every aspect of our services.

We develop logistics concepts based on client’s specific requirements using our know how to guarantee a seamless integration with the supply chain.

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