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About Jetkrate

How Jetkrate Works
Get around shipping restrictions once and for all. When an online retailer doesn’t ship to your country, just use Jetkrate. Register for a free account, and instantly get your own international forwarding addresses to use on Jetkrate store or with online retailers in the United Kingdom or New Zealand. That is how Jetkrate works; You can buy what you want from your favourite brands and stores, taking advantage of the sales and promotions that come with them.

Are you looking to buy goods from overseas stores but aren’t able to because stores don’t ship to your country?
Jetkrate are the experts in getting your online store orders to you, anywhere, anytime. We work with you to receive your orders, consolidate if required, and provide you with the best shipping options for your needs.

You have full control over how we ship your package to your shipping address including choice of packaging, shipping options, customs declaration, insurance cover, and even parcel photography services. It’s as if you’re posting the package yourself.

Buy goods from overseas stores with Jetkrate

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So how do I get started
So how do I get started?
Simply sign up to receive your local Jetkrate forwarding address which can be used for shopping on Jetkrate Store or online stores in the United Kingdom or New Zealand.

Tell us how you want to ship & save.
Once we receive your package we’ll email you. We can hold onto your packages until your shopping is complete and consolidate them into one cost effective package.

You are in control. Save on shipping.
We’ll send off your consolidated package with the shipping option you prefer and complete the export documentation and customs declaration with the information you’ve provided us. Your package will be insured for the value you declare on the customs declaration.
With our partnerships with all major shipping partners, you can rest be assured that you’ll get the best service right from the point we send your package to the point that you receive it. Most Jetkrate customers receive their packages in just 5-6 working days!
Understand why Jetkrate is the market leader for international package forwarding to India
Jetkrate allows you to shop and send international packages from the world’s leading retailers and have them delivered to you right at your door step.

Package Consolidation
Save up to 80% on shipping costs by using our package consolidation service to combine multiple packages into one shipment vs shipping directly from retailers.

We can check your packages for damage, send you photos and repack the parcel to be more cost-effective.

Shipping Calculator
Know the dimensions and weight of the package you’re expecting from the retailer? Use the Shipping Calculator to estimate shipping costs to your country.

Select Destination

India – Prices from NZD$43.78
Reduced Carrier Rates
Thanks to our shipping volumes we get great rates from premium suppliers. You can rest be assured that you’ll receive the best rate for our premium services.

Fast & Secure Delivery
At Jetkrate we do our best to make sure you get the fastest turn around on shipping times. Our team works 7 days a week around the clock to ensure your packages don’t stick around in our warehouse and that they are delivered to your door step with the absolute minimum downtime.

Service You Can Rely On
Our Team are passionate about providing great experiences. Our partners are the best international couriers in the world so we are confident they’ll deliver for you too.

Shop & Save
Save on items you can import directly from the United Kingdom or New Zealand stores and consolidate into one package.

Our Team are passionate about providing great experiences. Our partners are the best couriers in the world so we are confident they’ll deliver for you too.

Shopping Concierge Service
Many online stores don’t accept overseas credit cards. Our concierge service allows you to pay us to purchase the item for you! Simply tell us what you’d like us to purchase and any details we need to know and we’ll buy it for you.

Photographic Confirmation Service
We know how problematic it can be to receive goods from overseas only to find the wrong colour or size have been sent. Jetkrate offer a complimentary photographic confirmation service. Once we receive your packages, our experts can (at your discretion) inspect and confirm the contents of your package before sending them onto you. Photographs of your purchases will be emailed to you.

Global Tracking
Rest easy knowing where your package is at each step of the way with continuous updates from our carrier’s global tracking services. We will email you a unique tracking ID and URL once we ship your package to you so that you can track it every step of the way up until the point of delivery.

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