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About Jensen Shipping Company

At Jensen, we are on the move. We ship it inbound and outbound, through the airways, on the roads and over the oceans. We provide 3PL, 4PL and every shipping service known to the modern age. Jensen empowers freight logistics working for our partners 24 hours a day to get the goods moving and delivered. We are motivated and ready to deliver for you! We are your global freight logistics expert ready to take on the responsibility for getting the job done. We love this work and look forward to the next day’s challenges. We want to help. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Jensen Shipping Company began as a small freight forwarder in a small family town. Now, over thirty years later, the company continues to grow in leaps and bounds just like the city where it was founded. We offer complete, integrated, door to door logistics solutions on the ground, over the sea and through the air. Logistics management is problem solving and our job is to come up with solutions. Our strength lies in our knowledge of the industry and the tried and true lessons of over three decades of experience. We can predict potential problems and work to solve them before we pick up the shipment. We communicate internally, with outside professionals and with our customer/partners to get the ball rolling on the right track from the very beginning. Communication is the key element in all relationships, whether it is personal or in business, and Jensen logistics specialists are specifically trained to communicate prudently, efficiently and effectively. We know that this part of our business is absolutely essential in today’s competitive environment because we interface with a myriad of entities on a daily bases and it is extremely important that everyone is on the same page. Got a logistics problem? Need an expert? We are here, on call 24 hours a day ready to put our knowledge to work for you.
Ocean Freight Our oceans are the world’s greatest highway accounting for 95% of the goods shipped worldwide. There are fifty-five thousand merchant vessels in operation that are circulating an estimated twenty million ocean containers throughout the world. What does that mean to shippers? It means in about 30 days one can ship their goods inside an ocean container door to door to or from just about anywhere on the planet. There are exceptions, of course, but shipping over the sea is reliable and the single most important mode of shipping internationally. Ocean freight is also the most cost-effective way to move freight worldwide as modern super carriers can carry 15,000+ containers per sailing. The fact that any given vessel can travel distances estimated at up to ¾ of the distance to the moon and back in one year highlights the significance ocean freight has on our lives in the modern world. Shippers certainly have their own unique requirements regarding transit time allowances in any given supply chain and that is where our specialization can work for you…inbound or outbound. When time is of the essence, we have the solutions. At origin overseas, for example, our people can scramble a truck to your supplier and take the shipment directly to the dock. One cannot rush a ship at sea but once the vessel is worked at the port many processes can be accelerated dramatically. We can work to get advanced carrier release and have a truck at the staging area to pull the container by truck all the way to your door. Import or Export our people locally and worldwide communicate, coordinate and get it done. For less urgent cargos we have the bottom-line approach to assure good delivery time at a required value matching the exact needs of the project. We have the solutions for every project and supply chain no matter where the priority on the time-cost service matrix and that includes consolidated, special equipment, break bulk and ro/ro consignments. To see our members, click here

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