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J.W. Logistics is a premier provider of final mile transportation and logistics solutions supporting regional and national customers throughout the United States. J.W. Logistics offers a range of logistics solutions allowing customers to stay focused on their core business. This strategy primarily involves same-day services including on-demand, distribution, and dedicated fleets of vehicles including cargo vans, straight trucks and tractor trailers.

J.W. Logistics understands that each shipper’s final mile requirement needs are unique depending upon their business and the market they serve. J.W. Logistics provides tailored solutions to meet these specific needs. Through years of experience, the management team has a long track-record of developing customized transportation solutions tailored to enhance individual client’s core business strategies. J.W. Logistics offers a wide range of door-to-door distribution for clients of all sizes and needs and facilitates shipping locally, between cities, and internationally, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

J.W. Logistics is dedicated to setting the standard for innovative solutions by using cutting-edge technology as a tool for efficiency, optimization and communication. J.W. Logistics works to design a system that leverages time-sensitive transportation management competencies allowing clients to focus on their business strategy while reducing overall shipping costs. J.W. Logistics continually evaluates its performance and is focused on process improvement. Whether you are shipping a single package that has to get delivered quickly, or you have distribution requirements, J.W. Logistics is your delivery solution. J.W. Logistics is committed to excellence, providing an exceptional customer experience and understands the value of “doing what we say we will do”.

Sortation & Distribution
J.W. Logistics provides scheduled distribution services that include regularly scheduled deliveries made on a point-to-point basis as well as deliveries that may require intermediate handling, routing or sorting of items to be delivered to multiple locations. Our on-demand delivery capabilities supplement scheduled distribution services as needed. J.W. Logistics distribution solution has the flexibility to expand or contract depending on the client’s needs.

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