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GRUPPO INVIA was founded in 2019 and translates the original idea of a long tradition and experience in the world of transport, into a logistics- production 4.0 network, with the aim of creating an offer of tailor-made services for the b2b and b2c customer.

Our goal is to change the classic operation of the company, developing a flexible, eco-sustainable and tailor-made offer, with the customer’s needs at the center.

Gruppo INVIA is able to be the only interlocutor to turn to to solve problems and improve its business.

Through its Network it proposes a new Integrated System of service offers to companies, with a careful eye to the need to contain the environmental impact and facilitate the development of the economy in terms of Smart City, Smart Communities and e-mobility.

our history
Great aptitude for the development of new opportunities, combining strategy, innovation and people, are the Guidelines of the Group, to build new business models, with a high productive and ethical value.

Thanks to Industrial and Financial Partners, the INVIA Group will be able to combine its production process with the Research and Development activities of new initiatives aimed at building production chains and expanding nationally and internationally.

INVIA Società Benefit per Azioni is the holding company of the Group, recently transformed into an innovative start-up.

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SEND Group
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SEND Group
The brand
Our brand, summarizes the activity and the ecological spirit of the Group:
SEND, understood as the action of sending
SEND, understood as “in the way”, or “in the way”,
SEND, understood as a call to action

The two colors that compose it symbolize: -seriousness and reliability of the Group, dark green -smart, modern and ecological soul, light and bright green

In our imagination the streets and paths are represented as a continuous line that leads us from a starting point to a point of arrival. The maps, in fact, represent the viability using lines and points of interest.

The INVIA logo is born from this image and uses elements already known in the mind of the observer to create a familiar and reassuring image.

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Flexibility and completeness of services
We offer companies and individuals a plurality of services built and customized on the basis of their specific needs, to accompany the customer and build a lasting loyalty relationship.

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Professionalism and knowledge of the territory
The Customer is followed in all phases of the operation by experienced personnel, to support every need in a relationship of trust and collaboration.

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Respect for the Environment
For our commitment to the environment, we favor eco-sustainable solutions in the daily management of our workspaces and in all the group’s operational activities.

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Quality and Certifications
Within the INVIA Group, the Ecoconsegne subsidiary is ISO 9001 -14001 certified and our staff constantly follows training and professional updating courses to guarantee professionalism and a high-performance service.


INVIA – Innovative Start-up and Joint Stock Benefit Company.
INVIA, Innovative Start-up and Joint Stock Benefit Company, is the holding company of our Group.
The Benefit Company is a legal qualification, introduced
by the 2016 Stability Law, which identifies companies that, alongside the profit-making purpose, provide by statute for the pursuit of one or more purposes of common benefit, in a responsible, sustainable and transparent way.
Sustainability and social responsibility are among the
Group’s “Value Propositions”, a commitment espoused by two other Benefit Companies, present in the corporate structure and the first in Italy in their sector of activity.
There is no responsibility towards the environment
detached from the social one; both represent a single path towards a sustainable development policy.

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