Intertransport GRUBER GmbH

Intertransport GRUBER GmbH

Intertransport GRUBER GmbH
Mr. Rainer Bechler
[email protected]
Freight Forwarders

Logistics in the heart of the Alps is not a simple thing, but to compete and grow we have developed unique characteristics: today we proudly represent one of the most successful companies in the sector and accompany our customers with a wide range of services.

Tailor-made FTL shipments

GRUBER Logistics offers tailor-made solutions for the full truck load, also known as “Full Truck Load” (FTL), of any type of goods and industrial material.
It is possible to customize your shipment by deciding:

– type of trailer (arched trucks, tarpaulins, trucks, etc.);
– cargo safety equipment.

Available to our customers, theCustomer Care servicethat, together with the team of planners and settlers, takes care of organizing shipments in the best possible way and represents the customer’s direct contact with the company.
In addition, with the newGruber Beyond MyDesk platform, you can manage your orders yourself and access FTL shipment tracking.
Our team masters numerous languages and, therefore, will be able to effectively manage communication with your customers.

National and international intermodal transport

By choosing our intermodal services, you will be able to reduce the environmental impact of land transport and, at the same time, you will be able to transport heavier loads through a single shipment.
In fact, GRUBER Logistics offers the possibility of combining road transport with the convenience of rail and maritime services, guaranteeing apunctual and flexible serviceto the customer who, together with us, contributes to reducing the number of trucks circulating on the road and empty journeys.
For ourintermodal solutionswe use an integrated network throughout Europe, able to guarantee an efficient and competitive service with national and international daily shipments.

Our European network at your service
The continuous extension of its European network, innovation and digital solutions, the improvement of processes, the constant search for sustainable solutions are just some of the elements that characterize the value proposition that Gruber Logistics proposes in the management of partial load shipments (LTL, “Less Than Truckload”) and groupage.

Whether for Groupage shipments (30kg <> 2,500kg) or LTL (partial >2,500kg), Gruber Logistics has developed guaranteed services that offer fast deliveries, pick-up/delivery reservations or mandatory delivery in predefined areas of Europe.

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