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Interconex has been serving Fortune 500 companies since 1969. Whether it be Chicago to Omaha or Shanghai to Brussels, Interconex has been the solution for getting transferee’s belongings safely transported. We are also proud to be able to offer Destination Services around the globe for our clients and partners; a natural fit for our clients and the people they are moving to provide a seamless transition in their new location. We can deliver a full spectrum of quality services for assignees including: temporary furnished housing, area tours, orientation, settling in services and more. In addition to reducing costs, combining household goods and DSP services also reduces the amount of people your transferee is involved with, which reduces the amount of times they have to provide the same information, making them more productive and relieving stress.

Our independence allows Interconex to work with the best partners around the world; just like our great Global Move Specialists, they play a huge role in making us as successful as we are.

Transport will be through some of the world’s leading air and shipping lines with which Interconex has contracts. Whichever mode of transport is used, rest assured that it is the fastest, most appropriate and safest available. We organize air transport for urgent household and personal effects from / to any location worldwide. Airfreight is usually used for urgent consignments traveling ahead of the main sea shipment. It may, however, be appropriate for large consignments traveling to destinations that are not well serviced by sea ports such as the central USA, Russia and China, to name a few.

Our offices arrange the finest quality origin services for all international consignments by air and sea and hand select the most qualified international packing companies. The packing crews of our partners use only the finest quality materials and are thoroughly trained in the latest techniques to ensure the safety of all of your household goods. The crew will also provide specialized packing materials, if required. These can include materials for fine china or delicate antiques and works of art, and electrical and computer equipment. Professional carpenters will provide tailor-made crates for very fragile and highly valued items. Origin services normally can include but are not limited to:

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