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About Intercomex

International Loading and Moving Agency
We have the license of consolidators and de-consolidators of cargo (SENAE).

We are IATA members

In the last 30 years we have acquired experience and prestige nationally and internationally in different international logistics services both import and export and moving, through our important networks of correspondents in all countries of the world that have allowed us to be part of the commercial development of our country.
Long-Term Relationships
Our goal is to obtain a long-term trade with our customers, based on management policies that guarantee the personalized delivery of services with high standards of quality and customer service, constantly evaluating their satisfaction to our customers, a unique service experience, and continue to strengthen ourselves on the side of our customers.
We have the infrastructure and qualified personnel in all areas of commerce and removals, constantly training them in logistics, technical packaging and cargo handling, which allows us to be at the forefront of the quality of service.

Our network of more than 4823 correspondents is strategically located in more than 727 cities in 188 countries around the world that provide us with a global presence, with the ability to offer logistics services for their imports or exports from anywhere on the planet.
We Transport Your Dreams and Projects, We Are Your Strategic Ally

Cargo transport

Thanks to international associations of freight and moving agencies to which we are affiliated, we have the possibility to send and receive your merchandise to and from anywhere. Our network of more than 4800 correspondents located in more than 700 cities in 188 countries around the world allows us to offer logistics services for your imports or exports from virtually anywhere on the planet.


We are the experts in developing the international transport solutions you need. We always look for the best routes and costs so that your merchandise or utensils arrive as soon as possible at their destination.
International Experience
Our executives are experts in international cargo handling, so they will advise you on all aspects of your move. Always taking into account the most economical and short route in distance and time.

Professional Packaging
Our experience of more than 30 years of service, has allowed us to develop expertise in the handling of cargo as delicate as glassware and works of art, which translates into exceptional care for your kitchenware.

Expert Packers
Professional packaging is required to ensure that all your precious possessions arrive safely at the destination. Many of our team leaders and packers have been with the company for over twenty years ensuring that the highest packaging standards are met.

We have the right infrastructure to take care of your assets in our warehouse, while you need to finish obtaining your work visa or decide in which direction you are going to live.

Global Network
Intercomex is proudly a member of IAM (International Association of Movers) an international network of moving companies very committed to offering the best and most complete service for your move.

International Insurance
We also offer you the possibility of protecting the value of your assets so that your trip is as pleasant as possible, and you do not have to worry about anything.

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