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More than 30 years of experience, endorse our Services Constant learning and logistics services that have allowed us to integrate a highly qualified team to meet the needs of our customers around the world. I have been working at Intercilsa since 2003. I started my career from the bottom to being part of the operations department. The company during these years has given me the opportunity to pursue my dreams both professional and personal. I am part of a team of talented people. Working in the field of logistics and international freight transport can be stressful but I am excited that every day there is an opportunity to learn new and interesting things. Gustavo Fiallos Edwin Taipe Llevo más de 23 años en Intercilsa y he sido parte de grandes cambios en la compañía. Iniciamos como receptores de carga consolidada aérea y marítima. Hoy por hoy, gracias a la experiencia y el liderazgo de los directivos, podemos ofrecer servicios especializados de comercio exterior. Buscamos optimizar tiempo y recursos con los más altos estándares de gestión en calidad y control. INTERCILSA me brindó la oportunidad de capacitarme, adaptarme, adquirir responsabilidades, trabajar en equipo y desarrollarme plenamente en mis actividades, esto me permite contribuir, con todo mi conocimiento al crecimiento de nuestra compañía. Edwin Taipe The success of an operation consists in planning and verifying its feasibility. Bridges, obstacles on the roads, special permits… We know how to solve it! We have experts ready to advise you professionally throughout the logistics chain and in the correct decision making to make the transport of your special equipment, an experience that above all offers you TRANQUILITY in your projects in Ecuador. Proven Experience 1 We have participated in logistics projects in all segments of the industry: Petroleum, hydropower, photovoltaics, heavy industry, mining, mass transport, among others. 2 More than 100 successful projects confirm our experience, and a very high level of efficiency and safety support our words. We have translated this into the implementation of processes where we evaluate well in advance the feasibility of transporting special loads; this requires time, planning, evaluation of the characteristics of the cargo and of the transport vehicles appropriate to those characteristics. But we go further, we do studies of roads and bridges, alternative routes, risk assessment, economic assessment to solve physical obstacles, and even unforeseen events. To see our members, click here To check Freight Forwarding related jobs, click here