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Inter-Cargo, Inc. began operations in April 1979 with the purpose of creating an international freight forwarder that, based on knowledge and experience, could provide exporters as well as importers with a choice of an above average service.

Since our beginnings, we have employed only competent personnel in order to ensure that our shipments are in the hands of true professionals using the most advanced techniques and facilities. Located adjacent to Miami International Airport and only 15 minutes away from the Port of Miami, Inter-Cargo Inc owns a modern building with office space and 17,000 square feet of warehousing area, with 3 dock height bay doors, including an indoor well to work on and store 20′, 40′, or 45′ containers/trailers overnight when needed.

Our quality control has allowed us to select our clientele and maintain an interesting spectrum of customers, among our book of business; we can count multinational companies, local firms, medium size exporters and companies in foreign countries. This diversity and selection has proven to be an excellent gauge by which to measure and analyze international economies and it permits us to make plans and set goals that improve our daily performance and effectiveness.

Everyone in your firm, from the owners to the last employee are team players engaged in a single task: conserving the corporate assets, guarding the bottom line of profitability and the reputation of your company while contributing to the development of our communities and our countries; at Inter-Cargo, Inc. we are part of your team, we work with you and act as part of your company, not as just another hired provider of services who has no moral obligation to give the best it can.

This is a unique and magnificent opportunity of introducing our company to you with the purpose of building a solid commercial relationship from the beginning. We invite you to consider Inter-Cargo Inc as your alternative in assisting you with your questions and to discuss with us the ever changing world of international business, we will bring you an ever wider view of what is available in the international transportation field, we look forward to the challenge of your questions and welcome your comments and, most of all, we appreciate your interest and the opportunity to be at your service.

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