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Prohibition of transport
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HAVING REGARD to art. 6, paragraph 1, of the new highway code, approved by Legislative Decree 30 April 1992, n. 285, and subsequent amendments;

HAVING REGARD to the relative implementing provisions contained in art. 7 of the Regulations for the implementation and implementation of the new highway code, approved by decree of the President of the Republic of 16 December 1992, n. 495, and subsequent amendments, which regulates the restrictions on circulation on roads outside inhabited centers on particular days and for particular vehicles;

CONSIDERING that, in order to ensure, as a matter of priority, better safety conditions in road traffic, during periods of greater intensity of the road traffic, it is necessary to restrict the circulation, outside built-up areas, of vehicles and combinations of vehicles for the transport of goods, having a maximum total authorised mass exceeding 7,5 tonnes;

CONSIDERING that, for the same reasons, it is necessary to limit the circulation of exceptional vehicles and those used for exceptional transport as well as vehicles transporting dangerous goods pursuant to art. 168, paragraphs 1 and 4, of the new highway code;

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Insped Srl is proud to announce the achievement of the ISO 9001 quality certification. A copy of the certificate is available in the lower left pane, from which you can download our brochures in PDF format.

Achieve the end by any means.
More than a philosophy, a promise.
so far it has never been so close.

con voi,
prima e dopo il trasporto.
In our two warehouses in Milan and Vicenza
your goods are under surveillance
24 hours a day
Modern warehouses equipped with the most extensive security measures, control 24 hours a day for 365 days a year by CCTV, to meet any need regarding the custody of goods and their rapid placement on the market.


Dedicated express services
Express services to/from all over Italy and all of Europe.
Insped offers an express service to meet every urgent and exclusive transport need, reaching all Italian and European locations in a very short time and with dedicated vehicles, with partial or complete loads.

Insurance services
Personalized insurance coverage service against all risks inherent in the shipment of goods thanks to the partnership with the most important insurance companies; we offer the customer all risks, door-to-door coverage for any destination, relieving him of the burden of managing any damage, including the examination and production to the insurance company of the necessary documentation, a matter sometimes little known by operators with foreign countries.

Customs services
Accurate service for the completion of customs procedures both import and export, in addition to Intrastat declarations.
New provisions concerning the export of goods from Community territory.

The most modern technologies in the field, to guarantee delivery times even to the most demanding structures both in Italy and abroad.

bar code system
FIFO / LIFO warehouse management as per customer needs
order management

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