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We provide qualified service for all your cargo needs. Our staff is trained in the reception and verification of your merchandise, according to your requirements.

In our warehouse we meet the strictest cargo consolidation requirements to make shipments much cheaper.

Buy and market new products in your home market easily, simply and quickly.

Enter new markets together with expert professionals who will advise you to achieve your goals.

Door To Door
Door-to-door multimodal service so you don’t have to worry.

Locate the shipment of your products at all times, thanks to new technologies.

Store your goods with the right infrastructure.

Loose Cargo And Containers
Move your loose or consolidated cargo in containers with complete peace of mind.

We repackage your shipments looking for the optimization of costs and space.

Weight Reduction
We are experts using the right filler and packaging your merchandise needs to save you on your transportation fee.

Volume Reduction
We optimize the packaging of your merchandise, looking for a reduction in rates.

Transportation Insurance & Warehouse
We have services that ensure your merchandise so that it arrives in optimal conditions to its final destination.

Load Control
Our strict cargo control supports and protects your merchandise.

Load Consolidation
We consolidate cargo to ship to the following destinations: United States, Asia, Europe, South America and North America.

When embarking on the wonderful adventure of exporting or importing, it is essential to take into account the risks that the cargo runs and how the impact can be minimized, so that it reaches optimal conditions at its final destination, for this you need to choose the right international transport insurance.

Whether you decide to transport the goods by sea, air or land, each means of transport has its own advantages and disadvantages and in any case it is essential to have an insurer that supports the cargo.

At the beginning of the year we saw the unfortunate news of a ship carrying cars from Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborguini and Porsche and caught fire in the Atlantic Ocean with 4,000 vehicles on board.

Can you imagine this scenario without having international transport insurance?

So that we have support if we face such a high risk, here we tell you everything you need to know about freight transport insurance.

This type of insurance supports the load in the event that for some external or external reason, the merchandise suffers some type of alteration or damage, also in case of loss. There are different types of risk qualified according to the level.

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