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High-quality logistics in a specified time with minimal costs.
Our peculiarity lies in a systematic approach to solving problems, ranging from the collection of cargo from senders and consolidation to the delivery of the cleaned cargo to the right place and the designated time.
The complex of services of ICS Group is focused on solving logistics problems of small and medium-sized businesses. We are convinced that logistics is an important element of any business, one way or another related to foreign economic activity and affects the formation of the company’s profit.
For more than 20 years, we have been helping companies build efficient logistics and become more successful.

The first specialized hub in the EAEU for jewelry decoration
In April 2019, ICS Group presented its new project called ALAGEMS.
Alagems is a specialized hub on the territory of Almaty International Airport where importers and exporters of jewelry and valuable goods can receive the full range of services on the principle of “one window”.
The key advantages of Alagems are the minimum terms of registration, cost optimization and a range of services from one provider.
Order of the State Revenue Service for Almaty SRC MF RK #251-P dated
18.03.2019 on inclusion in the register of owners
of temporary storage warehouses
As part of the cargo clearance process, a full cycle of services is expected: delivery from the aircraft and collection, storage, customs declaration, examination, testing and branding of products, issuance of an expert opinion and the Act of State Control.
“The opening of the specialized ALAGEMS hub is aimed at simplifying the procedures for obtaining permits, certification and customs clearance of certain categories of cargo and, as a result, the development of import, export and transit of jewelry, precious metals and stones”
The ALAGEMS hub is organized on the principle of a “single window”, includes a temporary storage warehouse, an organization authorized to conduct examination and evaluation of products. Representatives of the DKTM and the Customs Control Department also work there.

Almaty. April 25. Kazakhstan Today – In April, the first hub for decorating jewelry, precious metals and stones in the territory of the Eurasian Economic Union was opened at Almaty International Airport, Kazakhstan Today reports.

Thanks to the ALAGEMS hub, the registration process, which previously took up to 12 days, will be reduced to three. Thus, the airport hopes to increase the volume of precious cargo entering Kazakhstan and the EAEU countries.
A special hut for registration of jewelry appeared at the airport in Almaty
Source: https://24.kz/ru/news/social/item/311048-spetskhab-dlya-oformleniya-dragotsennostej-poyavilsya-v-aeroportu-almaty
Everything you need to export and import goods
All logistics services for participants of foreign economic activity from one provider
International cargo transportation
We forward cargoes by all modes of transport. Imports from 100+ countries of the world.
Customs clearance

Import/Export and transit clearance of
goods. Obtaining certificates/declarations of conformity.
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Logistics & Supply Chains

Warehouse logistics, logistics for production, logistics management.

Complex of logistics services for retail
Organization of the supply chain: more than 100 senders, storage, consolidation in Europe and delivery to Kazakhstan
Mode of transportation: auto / air and urgent cargo Services: insurance, customs
clearance, packaging, storage
Customs clearance of chemical products for BASF
Determination of HS codes, services for non-tariff regulation, customs clearance in import mode 40 and delivery to the customer’s warehouse
International transportation and customs clearance of equipment
Route: Kazakhstan-Spain
Delivery time: 22 days
Type of transportation: container
Services: insurance, customs clearance, packaging, storage
Adr delivery and customs clearance
Route: Germany-Kazakhstan
Mode of transport: Eurofour (tent)
Term: 20 days
Services: insurance, surveyor, customs clearance
Rolls-Royce Shipping
Route: USA-Kazakhstan
Type of transportation: Air transportation
Term: 10 days
Services: insurance, surveyor, customs clearance, payment of duties
Transportation of horses
Route: Kazakhstan-China-Kazakhstan
Type of transportation: Auto transportation. Special. Transport
Term: 10/12 days
Services: insurance, surveyor, customs clearance, payment of duties
Transportation and customs clearance of medical equipment
Itinerary: Kazakhstan-Canada
Mode of
transportation: Mixed Term: 45 days
Services: insurance, surveyor, customs clearance, payment of duties, storage
Transportation of TESLA Model S
Route: Kazakhstan-Austria-Almaty
Type of transportation: Auto transportation. (awning)
Term: 12/14 days
Services: insurance, surveyor, customs clearance, payment of duties, storage

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