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Air freight is the quickest way to move goods around the world. Planes can get goods from one side of the planet to another within a matter of days. When you add door service and customs clearance on each end, total transit time door to door can range from 2 to 5 days depending on the countries.

Air freight is generally several times more expensive than ocean freight. It should be used only for urgent shipments. However, air freight can be very competitive or even cheaper for many smaller shipments (generally under 500 kg). When packaging product, it is important to keep in mind the size restrictions on many aircraft. The most common is the height restriction of 63” (160 cm) on wide body passenger planes.

Volume weight on air freight is calculated from the dimensions of the cargo, using a formula where 1 cubic meter equals 167 volume kg. Freight is charged on the higher of actual and volume weight.

Contact Highland to custom design the best air freight solution for your next air import or export. Our experienced specialists will guide you through the process and suggest various alternatives to meet your deadlines and budget.

I started Highland Forwarding in 1998 with the belief and deep conviction that there was a way to provide a higher level of service in the freight forwarding industry than I have experienced in the previous 10 years of working for other firms. Logistics was becoming a commodity with a low level of expertise being given to the clients.

My vision was to start a company that would put the customer first and not just say it, but actually do it. What a radical concept! Now almost 20 years later we can judge the results of this revolutionary idea:

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