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Freight Forwarders


We are a leading and comprehensive end to end Logistics solution provider with over a decade of experience. HERALD WLS offers a plethora of services in Contract Logistics that includes Warehousing & Storage Distribution, Transportation, Global Freight forwarding & Compliance, In-Plant Factory operations and Supply-chain Management across PAN India. We also facilitate our customers with Open Storage Yard. Whatever your business sector is, HERALD WLS gives a reliable and seamless focus on designing a customized end-to-end Logistics solution specifically suiting your company that helps you cope with a complex and rapidly evolving Supply chain market. Our customer centric approach makes us stand out among our competitors. We are your one stop reliable Logistics partner!


Warehousing and Logistics services is the future. Any business sector will be in need of these services and it plays a vital role now and ever. Keeping the importance of the field in mind we aim at becoming one among the top in Supply Chain Logistics by 2030 and estimating our customer value an asset. Our goal would be to have 12 Million Sq.ft of operating space by the year 2025.


We want to be a quality service provider by fulfilling our customer’s needs in the logistics segment. We would like to offer solution in the sequence of Safety, Quality, and Cost at all the times. We priorities long-term relationship and targeting extensive growth and to be the Supply chain leader in the industry with world class services and upgrading technologies.


Finding a smart and quick freight and cargo forwarder in Chennai is not that much easier task. Because of the heavy loads and assignments, sometimes famous freight & cargo forwarders skip the urgent goods. So Herald wls would like to provide a prominent, dedicated professional freight forwarding service in reasonable charges. Freight forwarder could be an agent of cargo, which push up the booked parcels or goods to the next branch or substations to reach the destination.

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