Hawk Freight Services FZE

Hawk Freight Services FZE

Address : P.O.Box 54438, Plot no. W 28,
Airport Free Zone, Dubai.
Country : United Arab Emirates
Contact Name : Mr. Chanaka A. Malalasekere
Email Address : [email protected]
Phone : +9714 2980980
Fax : +9714 2980988
Website : www.hawkdxb.com

<h3>Abou Hawk Freight Services FZEt </h3>

Hawk Freight Services FZE was established in Dubai in 2003, driven by a commitment to provide a comprehensive range of innovative logistics services to a discerning customer base. Hawk’s extensive experience, being operational in the UK since 1987, in effective supply chain solutions coupled with a culture of focused customer service resulted in significant growth.

November 2010 saw a major development in Hawk Services FZE’s history with the opening of a brand new state of the art facility within the Dubai Airport Free Zone. This building facilitates an extension of the diverse service offering already delivered by Hawk and ensures the Company is striving for still higher standards of customer service and a complete logistics solution for our clients.

Hawk’s commitment to safeguarding the environment means these premises have been constructed using environment friendly material which guarantees 50% less energy consumption than a conventional building. We are proud of this achievement, especially since this is the only such commercial building in the UAE at present.

Hawk Freight Services FZE handles a diverse range of cargo for a global client base. Leading the way in the secure movement of vulnerable goods, we also have specialist knowledge in moving medical, oil field related, automotive, electronics, IT products accessories and cosmetics to name but a few. In all cases we look to apply specialist knowledge to a particular market by understanding the specific needs and dynamics required and developing our customer service to match these defined criteria. We never apply blanket solutions to all market sectors.


Hawk Freight Services LLC is established in 2018 to provide complete range of E-Commerce delivery Solutions to our E-Commerce Customers. Hawk Freight Services LLC – Express Delivery Division is a registered and licensed Domestic and International courier and delivery company in the United Arab Emirates. Strategically located in NAAD AL HAMAR, DUBAI, with a view to opening further branches throughout the United Arab Emirates.

Hawk Freight Services LLC-Express Delivery Division covers all aspects of courier services such as domestic/international air transit deliveries, ground deliveries, messengers and local deliveries. In addition to this we aim to provide a comprehensive last mile solution to our e-commerce customers.

Hawk always deliver the best possible solutions for our clients as we are fully aware of the time sensitive nature of their products. And by constantly negotiating with carriers and other service providers, we have been successful in providing our clients with an optimum service whilst maintaining competitive pricing.

We see ourselves as the premier logistics services provider to the UAE and beyond. Understanding the importance of this region in the continuing development of world trade is behind our total commitment to further development of our Dubai operation as we build towards a brighter future.


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