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I came to the Dominican Republic in 1976 and immediately fell in love with the people and the country. As I traveled, I learned this luscious tropical island was blessed with wonderful semi-precious stones. Amber, Jasper and Black Jade. But while I was living there, a new stone was discovered. The man who discovered it loved his little daughter so much. Her name was Larissa and so the newly discovered stone was called “Larimar”. ‘Lari’ for his daughter Larrisa and ‘mar’, the Spanish name for the ocean. Larimar, a beautiful name for a unique and lovely stone. I fell in love with Larimar and I immediately began designing jewelry with it.

At this same time, Canadians and tourists began to come to the Dominican Republic for its warmth and beautiful beaches. Soon, Americans began to come, then Germans, then British and even Russians. It seemed like everyone was coming to the Dominican Republic. If you can into HARRISON’S Fine Caribbean Jewelers, it would sound like the United Nations with some many different languages being spoken. I began with one store in 1980 and by 1990 I had 30 stores in the Dominican Republic. HARRISON’S was the biggest and the best jewelry company in the entire country. Every year, Trip Advisor would give us the coveted Award of Excellence.

Now, after 40 years I have decided to retire. My stores are all closed and I have put all my jewelry designs on sale at 50% off. It has been an amazing four decades of making people happy with my beautiful designs. The stores are closed but I still have hundreds of designs available at half their normal price on our website. It’s funny, when I began HARRISON’S not even the fax machine had been invented. Personal computers were unheard of. And now people don’t need to come to the Dominican Republic to buy my work. They can shop from the comfort of their own home. What an amazing world and how quickly it has changed. As you read this, please look at my jewelry and ask yourself, “Who can I make happy with one of these beautiful pieces in sterling silver or 14k gold?” And while you are doing that, pick out something for yourself.

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