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We are allied with a level 1 customs agency to provide excellent services of Import, Export, DTA, Advice on everything related to foreign trade, with highly competitive rates and trained and suitable personnel to manage your processes.
Advice and management of the process in the different import modalities. Within this, the advisory service is also provided to the different entities that intervene in foreign trade, such as the Directorate of National Taxes and Customs, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, different
Ministries and Ports. Additionally, advice on licensing procedures and registration by the Single Window for Foreign Trade (VUCE). In the same way, advice on approvals before entities such as: Min Ambiente, ICA, Invima, Indumil, Import Committee. Advice and management of the different export modalities, advice and procedures for certificates of origin by the FUCE (Single Foreign Trade Form) and procedures in the preparation of origin criteria. Advice on the application and realization of DTA, including responsibilities, guarantees, restrictions and obligations.
Hard logistic has the international cargo air transport service. Wide, agile and effective coordination for Air Logistics operations, with extensive experience in import and export processes for all types of merchandise.
Continuation of the international transport trip with final destination in Free Zones or Customs Warehouses without the need to nationalize at the port. Flexibility in times of nationalization. Arriving at the Free Zone in OTM, through our Free Zone Industrial User, there is the option of modifying merchandise and then partially or totally nationalizing it, with the possibility of re-export.
We have qualified personnel to pack your import and export merchandise and national destinations. Regardless of the dimension, weight and texture of the merchandise, we pack in cardboard boxes with UN certification and/or dangerous cargo; We pack in Huacales and pallets certified according to the NINF-15 standard. This service, if required, can be at home, in which we will send the personnel and suitable material for this process. Do not underestimate the time it can take to pack and prepare your merchandise well for transport, take into account the care of the handling of fragile objects or those prone to breakage or damage due to circumstances. It is important to know that if you pack your cargo in wooden crates, they must have a requirement for internationalized transportation under the NINF-15 standard and certified by authorized companies under ICA control.
We have allies with a warehouse inside and outside the Fontibón Free Zone for the storage management of non-nationalized and nationalized merchandise.
sure We offer to insure your merchandise for national and international routes. sure We hope you can count on us and we appreciate the opportunity you can give us.
Freight Global Network Membership is an all encompassing networking solution, with many benefits. The following section will explain why you should join with Freight Global. Opportunity to promote your company and services via your own dedicated profile page Great share of available business Immediate access to global Partners in all over the world Access to internal email database of members directory Use of advanced tools – Quote and Partner requests Monitoring your regular customer trends

Our objective is to connect all small and middle sized forwarders from any country with each other on the same platform. We are planning to setting up the global standard which is already in place with global players. In global competition, every day, we will be providing you the effecting communication and just-in-time information thru online tools. Our annual conferences allow members to present their company and find reliable partners worldwide. Expect a unique and powerful atmosphere and the key to your success. Find access to the local specialist anywhere on the globe to offer your customer’s requirements. Please feel free to browse through our website and do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

The following Code of Conduct is obligatory for the professional, efficient and honorable operation of the Freight Global Network. Non-compliance or disregard for the following rules will result in disciplinary action: 1. All Members must respect the nature of confidentiality involved in all client/business relationships. 2. FGN Members must respond to all sales lead requests and communications within 24 hours. 3. All payment terms must be agreed mutually between the relevant Members, prior to acceptance of the consignment. 4. FGN cannot be held responsible and does not accept any financial liability for commercial and/or financial obligations that are not met by (a) FGN member(s). 5. Members may leave FGN at any time. Fees will not be refunded. 6. Members are to agree to exchange only nett charges and rates.

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